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Successful Digital Transformation Starts with the Customer

September 23, 2016 • Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (1)

By Joerg Niessing  Running a business in this digital era is truly challenging. And in light of this, Joerg Niessing shares the three chief takeaways for digital players about Telenor Banka’s story and importantly, discusses that customer experience should be at the heart of every digital transformation.   Adapting to the ongoing digitisation of the

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Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

September 22, 2016 • Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (1)

By Douglas Davis Creatives get various demands and design requests from clients, but there’s this exact same request hidden in all of it: “Solve my problem.” In this article, Douglas Davis explains the need to explore the words behind the pictures and


Personal Branding As Affective Regime

September 21, 2016 • Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By Lionel Wee and Ann Brooks  This article critiques the idea of personal branding – from pointing out how it is currently popularised and relied on the mythical notion of “true self” to being regarded as an effort for an affective regime.


Managing Customer Satisfaction Better

May 26, 2016 • Editors' Pick, Marketing & Consumers, SPECIAL FEATURES, Strategic Spotlight, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By Johannes Habel Many companies draw the wrong conclusions from their customer surveys. There is a simple method that can provide a remedy, leading to better decisions.   You might also like: Creating Effective Organisational Systems through Experimenting


Franziska Gsell, CMO, IWC Schaffhausen

April 16, 2016 • Female Leadership In Our Time, Marketing & Consumers, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

  Click here to download your free copy of the Female Leadership in Our Time   ON GENDER AND CAREER CHOICE I don’t think that gender was in any way a disadvantage for me when it came to choosing my profession. I had always wanted to be in


Why You Need to Localise Now

March 25, 2016 • Global Business, Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By Christina Comben If you do business on a global scale, with multilingual and multicultural clients, you should be localising your marketing message to your target audience. You might also like: Creating Effective Organisational Systems through


Internationalisation in Online Retailing

March 15, 2016 • Business Mobility & E-Commerce, Global Business, Marketing & Consumers, Strategic Spotlight, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGYComments (0)

By Moritz Hahn and Niccolò Pisani Online retailing is clearly on the rise. In this article the authors offer a snapshot of the current status of online retailing and provide insights on how differences between countries play a fundamental role in shaping


Soothe Your Senses: A Multisensory Approach to Customer Experience Management and Value Creation in Luxury Tourism

January 20, 2016 • Editors' Pick, Global Business, Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (2)

By Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Franziska Labenz, Janina Haase and Nadine Hennigs A growing trend in luxury tourism is the consumer’s desire for highest levels of customer service and full range travel experiences that combine first class transport, excellent

Mobile Customer App Engagement Pays Off

November 20, 2015 • Big Data & Analytics, Business Mobility & E-Commerce, Internet of Things, Marketing & Consumers, Social Media, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGYComments (2)

By Peter Weill and Stephanie L. Woerner The popularity of the smartphone has exploded, and continues to do so. The ever-growing usage of the latest mobile technology across all demographics provides businesses in any type of industry with unique opportunities


It Pays to be Nice

November 1, 2015 • Commentary, Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

From the Editors Ryanair’s 32% jump in their first-half year profits for this year is said to be down to Ryanair being nice to its customers say, Michael O’Leary, the CEO of the budget airline. Michael O’Leary now claims that “If I had known being