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A Special Report on AI and Humans

AI and Surveillance at Work

Watched Over by Machines: AI and Surveillance at Work

By Andreas Deppeler The recent transitions towards having company personnel working at home while remaining digitally connected have sometimes been portrayed as furthering the ideal...

A Focus on the Relationship between AI and Humans

An Introduction to the Special Report on AI and Humans by AiTH, NUS Business School By David De Cremer The development of artificial intelligence (AI) promises...
Humanising robots increases consumer satisfaction.Featured Image-

Humanising Robots Increases Consumer Satisfaction and Forgiveness of their Failures

By Kai Chi (Sam) Yam and David De Cremer Want your customers to have a positive, forgiving attitude towards your robot employees? Then make your...
synergy or conflict

Synergy or Conflict? Lessons for managers on how to successfully adopt AI to augment...

By Jakob Stollberger and David De Cremer Artificial intelligence undeniably offers the potential to improve decision-making, at least in certain contexts. In this article, AI experts Jakob Stollberger...

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