With the integration of technology into the modern economy and the changing dynamics of the marketplace, individuals and organisations in every industry are exploring ways to adapt by having new skills and new ways of thinking under their belts. One of the options for business professionals and companies seeking to thrive and stay at the top of their game is to pursue an executive education.

However, executives and business owners often find it hard to choose the right programme due to the proliferation of course providers either online or offline, as well as the financial costs and a great deal of commitment of time and energy involved. In response, we present to you our special series on the TOP EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES WITH THE BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT, which aim to give you a glimpse of the most sought after business schools and universities providing top-quality executive education which maximises the impact and return on investment (ROI) for the participants, both individually and organisationally.

Specifically, we look at how the results would be worthwhile for participants and their organisations in terms of knowledge acquisition, career advancement, long-term profitability for business, and other measures of ROI for an Executive Education.

For our July-August issue, we are honoured to feature Audencia Business School.