Our Mission

Who We Are

The European Business Review delivers breakthrough ideas that guarantee business leaders and visionaries make informed decisions that keep them ahead of the competition. We set out with a mission to be at the forefront of the oldest dictums of business leadership and deliver only the best insights to propel it forward. Being in the industry for almost two decades, we’ve seen trends come and go. But one thing has remained unyielding: the value of human capital. 

Each facet of our organisation is led by a robust set of values rooted in authenticity and diversity. We aim to positively impact the world by being a platform that commits to social change while being a relentless observer of the truth. 

At our core, we are idea curators. The editors convene articles only from the industry experts and academic leaders in their respective fields. We have the appeal of a magazine with practitioner-oriented content and the authority and competence of an academic journal through in-depth and advanced analysis. We guarantee that you will always find something inspiring and vital to the challenges you are facing today and the goals you will achieve tomorrow.

What We Do

The European Business Review acts as an accessible bridge between academia and business. We fill in the gaps between business intelligence and practical application in a real-world setting. The bread and butter of our literature are rooted in practical methods of transcribing organisational change. We have multiple platforms for content delivery and reach various markets, including academic, corporate, and individual managers. 

Our mission is to improve the practice of management in a changing world. We are a media house cultivating new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership for global leaders from the world’s best business and management experts. Our purpose as a firm is to help create positive, enduring change in the world through strategic collaboration. We aim to illuminate the complex choices that leaders face—in strategy, marketing, operations, human capital, governance, and other domains—and the impact of their decisions.

We feature writing by chief executives and other well-known corporate leaders, best-selling business thinkers and philosophers, prominent academics and researchers, seasoned practitioners, and journalists with a track record in revealing the patterns below the surface. 

Why We Do it

The process of navigating the business world is not an easy task, and that’s why we’re here. We believe that for all people to prosper, economies must grow. As one of the premier sources for smart management thinking, we aim to provide professionals worldwide with rigorous insights and best practices to help lead themselves and their organisations more effectively and make a positive impact.

Our purpose is to find and share the ideas and stories that raise the game for management, written and expounded clearly enough to provide the basis for thoughtful action. Through in-depth feature stories, thought leader interviews, and strategic commentaries, The European Business Review provides an informed, global perspective on ideas and practices relevant to large-scale and SME corporations.

In this unique environment of innovation and collaboration, principled leaders emerge. Join us in empowering the business world today!