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Will AI reduce or reinforce inequality in language learning? – Hult International Business School

May 15, 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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AI’s role in language learning

In the AI-powered evolution of language learning, it would be easy to overlook the impact artificial intelligence could have on inclusion and equality. For decades, the demand for ‘native’ teachers has dominated the conversation between students and language providers. Learners have come to recognize the valuable experience that ‘non-native’ speakers can share with them, but now the question isn’t whether you want a native or a non-native teacher – it’s whether you want a human at all.

We recently reported on how AI is enhancing language learning for students and teachers alike. Now, we explore some of the DEIB issues that often go overlooked in language learning, how AI is already impacting inclusion, and its potential to reduce or reinforce inequalities.

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