Guidelines for Authors


The European Business Review’s Editorial Policy on the Use of ChatGPT

The European Business Review requires authors to disclose the use of ChatGPT in their submissions and be transparent with their use of other AI-powered tools that directly impact their writing. Only human individuals who have made significant contributions to the work should be able to claim authorship. For the submission of each version of the article and for any change in authorship, the corresponding author must have received approval from all authors. Software that uses artificial intelligence (AI), not exclusive to ChatGPT, must be acknowledged in the manuscript’s acknowledgements section and should not be listed as a primary author.

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At the heart of everything we do at The European Business Review, is authenticity.  We want the work we do to reflect our values as an organisation that is rooted, above all else, in a passionate drive to nurture the mind and prepare the soul for the turbulent changes that take the world by storm every day.

We tackle a melting pot of different topics including but not limited to: strategy, innovation, leadership, logistics & supply chain, finance, economy, marketing, organisational growth and people. Because we believe a curiosity for knowledge and self-development should be readily accessible to all, our articles are presented in jargon-free language and can be translated into effective action and practice.

Our editorial team combs through multiple submissions on a daily basis from contributors from all over the world, so please expect a minimum of 2-3 days before we get back to you with our notice.

Here are some requirements we look for when evaluating what to publish:

  • We welcome research, ideas, opinions and insights from industry leaders, business professionals, academic scholars, and public service authorities.
  • Please outline the structure of your article and illustrate the important ideas and messages you’d like to convey.
  • For preparing the final draft of the article, please include the author’s profile about 100 words max. at the end of the article. For references, we prefer footnotes in numerical order.

If you think you have an interesting story to tell, send us an email at