Guidelines for Authors



The European Business Review readers are the men and women shaping the future of business globally.

The European Business Review articles cover a broad spectrum of topics that reflect the scope and multifaceted interest and the success of its readers. They focus on such areas as strategy, innovation, leadership, logistics & supply chain, finance, economy, marketing, organisational growth and people. They are presented in jargon-free language and can be translated into effective action and practice.

The European Business Review welcomes research, ideas, opinions and insights from industry leaders, business professionals, academic scholars, and public service authorities. Proposals for articles should be submitted to The European Business Review editors electronically at [email protected]. Please outline the structure of your article and illustrate the important ideas and messages you’d like to convey.

For preparing the final draft of the article, please include the author’s profile about 100 words max. at the end of the article. For references, we prefer footnotes in numerical order.

We are always looking for innovative ideas that offer cutting-edge or refreshing perspectives on issues that have significant influence in the business world, and that can benefit our readers in their business and personal lives.

We thank you for your interest.

The Editors