November – December 2016

Decision Making
Have We Lost the Ability to Listen to Bad News?
Kim E. van Oorschot, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, Kishore Sengupta & Henk Akkermans

Values, Values on the wall, Just do business and forget them all: Wells Fargo, Volkswagen and others in the hall
Avi Liran and Simon Dolan

5 Ways Donald  Trump Could Make Government Run More Like a Business
Howard Schweitzer

Passports for Sale
Interview with Till Neumann, IMCM, founder and managing partner of Citizen Lane

Future of Work
Future Work: Changes, Choices & Consequences
Jonathan Trevor

The Impact of Blockchain on the Energy Sector – Expectations from German Energy Executives
Christoph Burger, Andreas Kuhlmann, Philipp Richard & Jens Weinmann

FED Up With Big Data Hype? How Central Banks Struggle with Digital Disruption
Christopher Surdak

Creating Effective Organisational Systems through Experimenting with Human Nature

David De Cremer and Tian Tao

Your Customer is Not Just King. He or She Can Be Your VC, Too!
John Mullins

A New Model for the Future of Customer Relationships
Yoram (Jerry) Wind and Catharine Hays, with Alexa de los Reyes

And They Lived Happily Ever After – The Value of Storytelling in Consumer-Brand InteractionKlaus-Peter Wiedmann, Evmorfia Karampournioti and Nadine Hennigs

A Wake-Up-Call for the Boards on Innovation
Alessandro Di Fiore, Jonas Vetter and Joachim von Heimburg

Business Model
What causes managers to change their business model?
Tina Saebi, Lasse Lien and Nicolai Foss  

Reverse Innovation: A New World Order for Global Innovation?
Simone Corsi & Max von Zedtwitz   

Supply Chain
Risk Sharing in Joint Product Development – Lessons from 787 Dreamliner
Yao Zhao 


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