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YK 11 Myostatin is not accidentally the top choice of all those people everywhere in the world loving passionately about bodybuilding and fitness.

Certainly, it is the ultimate SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) for increasing body mass from pure muscle rebuilding.

This is the dream of every bodybuilder is it?

Any of you engaged in regular exercise and bodybuilding, know what SARM is for sure.

It may not be an anabolic steroid, but it remains just as illegal to use it (possibly dangerous to health, a fact not yet clear as it is still under investigation)/

However – and despite the fact that we are clearly referring to a banned/illegal product – I will try to compile a detailed (and objective) review of the YK11 Myostatin benefits and risks.

Surely, we are going to suggest an alternative (legal) option, corresponding to an equal action of YK-11 Myostatin, without, however, any risk to health… neither now, nor in a few years following the systematic use of this supplement.

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SARM YK-11 Myostatin – An honest objective review

What we need to know first is what the YK 11, also known as Myostatin is.

  • Is it a SARM?
  • Is it an anabolic steroid?
  • Is it a synthetic product or natural?
  • Does it cause or not side effects… and if so how serious?

I am sure you have wondered about these questions above, even feeling quite confused with the information received from the internet.

Therefore, we’ll try to provide as much information as possible on the key issues concerning you, or maybe even scare you about YK1 1, attempting to see if they have any logical basis.

Therefore, let’s start by clarifying that YK11 Myostatin is a product of the SARMs category (Mk 677 Ibutamoren, Rad 140 Testolone, Cardarine etc), more precisely not a real SARM, however, “registered” in this category due to its mode of action.

It’s a new generation of drugs (synthetic and very powerful) coming to replace the well-known (and long ago banned) androgenic anabolic steroids.

The difference between YK11 (and other SARMs) and pre-existing anabolic steroid androgenic drugs is that it has a more “selective” effect (as its name suggests [Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators]).

Nevertheless, what this means practically and how does this affect (in a positive or negative way) the user’s body?

YK-11 Myostatin works “almost” under the same logic of anabolic steroids, with a basic difference, that is, in a more limiting way than a corresponding androgenic anabolic steroid.

In essence, SARM YK-11 (like other SARM products, as anabolic steroids) uses hormones as “chemical messengers” to communicate with cells throughout the body.

On the other hand, androgens (i.e. the hormones responsible for the male characteristics in the body), bind to androgen receptors of the cells and channeled to all cells (including those of muscle tissue).

In any case, the difference is this: SARMs – unlike anabolic steroids – do not send this “message” to all cells in the organism but only to those “selected”., this being their main (and extremely important) difference.

Is this “selective” action of SARMs greatly reducing their negative impact on the organism and the side effects caused (in short or long-term)?

The creation of SARMs was driven by the need for a large portion of the world (mainly bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general) to find a product assisting their athletic performance, maximizing physical benefits, without causing a large damage to their organism and health.

Therefore, scientists have finally been able to create the products of selective SARMs that, as scientific studies (still ongoing) show, do not have as devastating effects as the androgenic anabolic steroids.

Therefore, since we understand the nature of YK 11 as a product registered in the SARMs family (although not actually belonging to it), we need to be clear that it is NOT an anabolic steroid.

The non-steroidal nature of YK 11 allows it to act only on muscle and bone cells and not on the rest of the body (scientific data so far speak of a limited effect on the endocrine system, but not extensive).

This is the reason androgens are not released uncontrollably throughout the body, but “targeted”, we would say, in the muscles and bones, favoring the training process and its physical benefits.

At this point, however, we must emphasize one last but very important parameter.

YK 11 (Myostatin) – as well as other SARMs – despite being projected as the “new and safe version of androgenic anabolic steroids”… are not without responsibilities, neither are they safe.

On the contrary, precisely because of a number of significant side effects in the research conducted so far, not all SARMs have yet received legal approval by FDA for widespread human use.

This means that YK-11 Myostatin is illegal, possibly quite dangerous and its use is not recommended in any case.

YK 11 Myostatin: Is It a SARM, If not, then What is it?

Well, YK-11 Myostatin really is NOT a SARM, neither an anabolic steroid as well.

Then what is it?

This is a very special case. Although more similar in structure to anabolic steroids, YK 11 Myostatin has been described by many as SARM.

Essentially the reason registered as SARM is its selective action, like the other SARMs.

YK 11 targets only muscle tissue receptors as well as bone tissue receptors (preventing areas such as the prostate).

Being a selective androgen receptor agonist is not functioning in the same way as a steroid hormone SARM.

YK 11 Myostatin imitates the action of DHT (DiHydroTestosterone), suppressing the natural production process of the hormone androgen testosterone by the organism itself.

This brings YK 11 closer to the action of anabolic steroids, however, the reason it is classified as SARM (apart from its alphanumeric name referring to known products) is rather something else hiding not good intentions.

I believe that – while this particular preparation is close to the action of the known anabolic steroids – for commercial reasons they do not want this “negative projection”, as by hearing the word “anabolic” people (making a lot of sense) get scared and go away


Myostatin is a high risk chemical, not legal, with a good reason for that.

Are any Αthletic Βenefits & Results from its Use?

Clearly yes.

From the strong composition of YK 11 Myostatin you will have many, clear and fast results immediately visible on your body.

  • increased muscle mass
  • enhanced muscle strength
  • physical endurance in tough conditions (such as heavy and hard training for a long time)
  • improved athletic performance (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • well ribbed muscles 
  • vascularity
  • reduced fat mass
  • enhanced energy for increased physical and mental performance
  • optimal concentration
  • reduced risk of injury (muscle, bone and ligament)

There are also non-sporting benefits obtained

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YK-11 Myostatin – Ηow it works

As already pointed out above – despite the fact that YK11 is one of the SARMs – in fact, its mode of operation resembles more to that of an androgenic anabolic steroid.

It imitates the androgenic action of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and works in the following ways:

Minimizes myogenesis.

This practically means that the chemical contained in Myostatin works as a supermolecule to determine muscle growth, achieving a “controlled muscle growth” based on the “control”/suppression of specific hormones (such as testosterone, HGH and IGF-1).

The result in simple words is a higher “aggressive” muscle reconstruction.

Muscles, muscles, muscles

Targets the muscle tissue.

Its action is mainly due to an androgenic element, an inhibitor of myostatin.

Therefore, imitating the action of DHT promotes muscle growth, but in a way so “limited” and «selective” that it does not adversely affect other parts of the body.

This selective action of YK 11 is due to its dual action as an androgen and an inhibitor of myostatin as well.

Clearly functions as androgen.

As an androgen, Myostatin YK 11 naturally imitates the action of the androgenic hormone testosterone.

This means muscles and bones flooded with steroid hormones.

In fact, Myostatin imitates the action of DHT (a stronger form of the androgenic hormone testosterone) and maximizes the physical benefits.

Nevertheless, this has one more consequence. Its action on other tissues of the body (except muscle tissue) – such as the prostate, liver or hair – is much smaller and therefore with fewer negative consequences (side effects).

YK 11 Myostatin – Results

Yk Myostatin

The truth is that there is not enough evidence from clinical trials and scientific studies to date proving the androgenic effect of Myostatin YK-11.

What we know for sure is that it works by imitating the action of the most powerful and “dynamic” form of the androgenic/anabolic hormone testosterone, which is, imitating DHT/Dihydrotestosterone.

Certainly, this – as already pointed out above – means a reduction in the body’s natural production of testosterone (making it even closer to action of anabolic steroids, than of SARMs).

Which is the Recommended Way for its Use?

Things are basically extremely simple in the use of YK-11. It is NOT recommended.

The chemical YK11 Myostatin is under clinical trial and has not been approved for human use.

The FDA has not issued a marketing authorization (neither for medical nor for sports use).

Therefore, it is – at least – funny to talk about “recommended use” for a product whose use is categorically contraindicated (specifically banned).

However, we all know of many people using YK 11 (but also other SARMs or anabolic steroids) illegally.

Based on these informal tests/experiences of Myostatin users, we can say that there is a “red line”, a maximum dose not to be exceeded in any case.

This limit, however, has emerged from unsubstantiated and random user experiences, from personal experimentation and not from formal clinical trials.

Crossing this “red line” can no longer offer other benefits, but only additional side effects and problems in the functioning of the body.

Most users of YK 11 recommend a daily dosage of no more than 15 to 20 mg.

In any case, there are many who will take 30 and 40 or even 50 mg daily, ignoring the serious short and long-term effects on their health.

A dose of 20 mg is already considered a very strong dose, even for those experienced in taking similar preparations.

Please also note that the long-term use of YK11, as well as any anabolic steroid or SARM is strongly contraindicated.

YK 11 Myostatin – Cycle duration

Most users of this SARM recommend an 8-week cycle at a dosage not exceeding 10 to 15 mg.

However – as already mentioned – you will find many following a higher dosage.

YK-11: Before and After

Non-typical tests of this chemical so far have shown great physical gains, similar to those of an anabolic steroid.

Besides, we repeat that YK 11 is quite similar to an anabolic steroid and not so much to a SARM (especially in its structure and mode of operation).

Let’s look at the real benefits of this – let’s say – SARM.

Let’s see the real differences before and after.

Something that we have not mentioned much so far, mentioned however, by almost all users of YK 11 is its increased ability to stimulate metabolic function and maximize fat dissolution in the body.

In addition – and precisely due to the increased fat burning – it enhances the available energy and  boosts physical endurance, allowing more frequent and more dynamic workouts, without injuries.

Many users will also hear about increased concentration, enhanced determination and ferocious momentum in workouts after using YK11.

Although its action is not equal to that of an anabolic steroid, it is quite close, while it is more powerful compared to most SARMs.

Nevertheless, not to generalize, let’s look at the results of YK 11 in an appropriate cycle of 8 weeks.

  • Dramatic increase of energy, endurance and physical strength (from the very first weeks of use).
  • Improved physical condition and enhanced muscularity in the body (from the first weeks of use).
  • Massive burning of body fat (gradually resulting from more intense and frequent workouts).
  • Body ribbing.
  • Increased vascularity in arms, neck, thighs, legs.
  • Massive muscle rebuilding in the body (after a full cycle of 8 weeks).
  • Permanent body volume. 

Note that both the results themselves and the predicted time vary from person to person and from organism to organism.

What should I do after a cycle with YK-11 Myostatin?

Again, the instructions given are based solely on personal user experiences (i.e. unreliable, unclear, unconfirmed data, unofficial clinical data).

This is why always according to the personal experiences of the (illegal) users of YK11; a cycle should not exceed 8 weeks (as we have already said).

Then, after completing the cycle with Myostatin, a period of observation, waiting and control of its results is required.

A satisfactory “break” time from the cycle of YK11 is 6 weeks.

Is PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) required after the YK11 Cycle?

First, let’s explain (for new users, who do not know) what a PCT cycle is.

The name PCT comes from the initials of the words Post Cycle Therapy and (as their name suggests) describes a body recovery cycle after a cycle of anabolic steroid use.

Nevertheless, does the same apply to the use of SARMs?

In the case of YK 11 which is neither a steroid nor a SARM, what exactly is true?

As SARMs have become particularly popular precisely because they do not cause massive side effects in the body (a result of their selective action), many believe that a PCT cycle is not required after use.

However, this is not true.

While SARMs (and YK 11) do not cause the extent of damage of an anabolic androgenic steroid, they also “engage” with your body’s hormones, which then requires a “recovery period.”

In fact, a PCT Cycle – after either a SARM or a steroid cycle – is as essential to bodybuilding as a Bulking Cycle or a Cutting Cycle.

Especially in the case of YK11 Myostatin, the application of a PCT is more imperative than any other SARM (since – as already pointed out – it is much more powerful compared to them).

Side Effects – Consequences for the organism if not applying a PCT

As the use of anabolic steroids or SARMs affects the organism’s natural production of hormones, the use of a drug for repairing the “damage” is essential.

A non-application of PCT can leave problems in the natural production of hormones in your organism, while in addition it can significantly affect various other functions.

If the hormones do not return to a balance this will have a significant impact on your sex life (libido, erectile function, and fertility), your physical strength and endurance, your immune system, your cognitive ability, your mood, in your body weight… but also in many other areas of your general health.

Do not forget that a PCT cycle (with the right products) should not be less than 4 weeks but not more than 8 weeks.

What is the YK 11 Half Life Time? Why do most people “break” the daily dosage into two (2) doses?

The half-life of YK-11 Myostatin is from six (6) to ten (10) hours.

This practically means that only one (1) dose is not sufficient to cover the entire day with anabolic action.

This is the reason why many experienced users choose to “break” (that is, to divide by 2) the daily dose.

In this way, they ensure more stable and continuous results in their organism.

Therefore, – if for example the daily dose is 10 mg – you can take a dose of 5 mg in the morning and another 5 mg in the evening.

Is YK 11 detectable in special Anti-Doping tests?


The biggest fear – especially of professional bodybuilders and athletes around the world – is the anti-doping tests that can interrupt or even spoil an entire career in sports and championships.

Steroids have been the topic of discussions repeatedly, and law prosecutes their use as a «banned» substance.

However, what about SARMs?

  • Do they belong to the same category as anabolic steroids?
  • Are they detectable in special doping controls, or are they allowed for use?

As already mentioned, SARMs do not work in the same way as their previous anabolic steroids.

This means that SARMs – like anabolic steroids – remain banned to this day, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In any case, are SARMS in general, but also YK11 in particular, detectable in the body? In addition, if so for how long after administration remains detectable?

Is the detection done through urine?

The answer is yes. The detection of substances is done via a special urine test.

Finally, how long do SARMs remain active in the urine?

As the scientific evidence is not yet sufficient and SARMs remain under the microscope of scientists, it is not easy to give clear answers about their detection times.

However – and despite the fact that SARMs are much less harmful to the organism compared to anabolic steroids – their “heavy” composition forced the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to include them in the list of “banned substances” since 2008.

SARMs have not received official clinical approval from the FDA.

Based on data collected on SARMs – in terms of their impact on athletic performance and goals – there are a number of factors affecting the length of time a drug/anabolic steroid stays, as well as an SARM in a person’s organism.

Here are some of these important factors:

  • body weight
  • height
  • density of the body
  • DNA
  • metabolic rate of the organism
  • the dosage used by the individual for the chemical

The analytical procedures followed for the detection of banned substances in the organism of professional athletes include a chromatography/spectroscopy system able to cover a wide range of drugs and chemicals (such as all steroids).

At the present, this system has managed to include in the list of these substances the SARMs (non-steroidal substances), but also the YK-11 which, although it belongs to the SARMs but is considered a steroid compound (like the MK-0773).

Especially now about YK-11: According to a study conducted in relation to the metabolic process of SARM YK11, it appeared that the conjugated metabolites remained in the urine for only 24 hours, while they were excreted after these hours.

The remaining metabolites remained detectable for 48 hours or more, respectively.

Although there are no official answers yet, it is considered that YK11 remains detectable within the organism for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Is YK 11 a Steroid … or not?

YK11 is a special case, considered as a SARM but in fact its chemical structure (as mentioned repeatedly) is more like an anabolic steroid.

It is essentially a synthetic steroid, but with the selective action of an androgen receptor modulator.

Therefore, it is a “partial” androgen receptor (AR) agonist not causing the extent of damage to an anabolic steroid as it does not cause N/C interaction as with a normal (and not partial) androgen (AR) agonist.

Is there a Legal version of YK11 Myostatin?

Yes. Surely there is.

The great demand for sports supplements favoring a massive and dynamic muscle reconstruction/fat dissolution/stimulation of energy has led scientists to create natural (100% natural) nutritional supplements (i.e. non-inject able, but in pill form) supplements very “friendly” to the organism and not causing side effects, however, providing anabolic action almost equivalent to that of known (but banned) SARMs.

In the case of YK 11, we have to suggest an all-natural muscle-building supplement of the well-known Brutal Force series.

The Brutal Force includes a whole range of sports supplements replacing the well-known SARMs.

Therefore, instead of YK 11 we find YKBULK.

YK Bulksupplement and avoids creating cheap and dangerous imitations

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The legal and OTC (Over The Counter) supplements of Brutal Force suggest and support a natural way to enhance sports gains, without any side effects.

All the ingredients of these supplements are of premium natural ingredients and selected with great care (based on official scientific research and diligent clinical trials).

What is Brutal Force YKBULK & How it works?

Brutal Force YKBULK includes all the power of the original SARM ΥΚ11, without any risk.

It is a product of mass muscle reconstruction, but also of tremendous physical strengthening.

Energy, endurance and muscle strength, are the elements experienced from the use of YKBULK.

The physical benefits will be really fast and spectacular.

Brutal Force YKBULK is a legal product, but instead has FDA and GMP certification for the way it is manufactured and the facilities used for this.

It does not cause all these harmful side effects for the organism and its function, ensuring a truly unique training experience.

Your workouts will be (from the very first days of use) much more dynamic, impetuous and effective.

You will be able to overcome yourself and your stamina in a way that will fill you with confidence.

The action of YKBULK of Brutal Force almost imitates the action of YK11 to the maximum, allowing an extensive muscle strengthening and a dynamic athletic boost (in terms of endurance, physical strength, focus, energy, aerobic and anaerobic performance, recovery time, risk of injury).

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YKBULK of Brutal Force – Ingredients

All natural, selected after clinical research and testing, of the highest quality (premium), the ingredients of YKBULK by Brutal Force, compose a unique nutritional supplement you’ love (as thousands of bodybuilders around the world).

  • Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris) fruit Extract (standardized to 45% Saponins) 600 mg
  • Bulbine natalensis stem tuber Powder 100 mg
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl 50 mg
  • Muira puama bark Powder 50 mg
  • Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia) root Powder 50 mg

YKBULK – Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) 

According to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of YKBULK, the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is three (3) capsules; neither more nor less.

The administration of all three (3) capsules form one single dose (and not “broken” during the day) with plenty of water, about 20 minutes before breakfast (or lunch for those who are not used to having breakfast).

Attention | Brutal Force YKBULK is recommended in combination in each case by a balanced and well-structured diet plan, as well as regular physical exercise.

In addition – and to be able to see real and tangible results in your body – it is recommended to use the supplement for a minimum period of 2 months.

Can YKBULK cause any side effects?

The legal alternative proposal to YK11 of Brutal Force (YKBULK) is a tried and tested natural proposal of sports support, not causing any side effects.

However, like everything else, there is a case for a small group of people to develop allergies or intolerances from its use.

In this case, it is recommended to immediately discontinue the administration of the supplement and to immediately have your condition evaluated by a doctor.

It is also important to follow the instructions for use of the supplement (as defined by the manufacturer).

Overdose or misuse of an (otherwise harmless supplement) can cause serious problems and complications to the user’s health.

Finally, no dietary supplement Brutal Force YKBULK) should be administered without medical consent (either by people with serious health problems or those taking any medication.

In general – and if the product is used properly – there is no risk – neither in short nor long-term for the health of the user.

YK11 Alternative for Sale

YKBULK of Brutal Force is only available via its official website and not through any third party sellers.

This is a choice of the company for ensuring the sale of only the original YKBULK supplement and avoids creating cheap and dangerous imitations.

brutal force

The purchase via the official website offers many privileges to the buyer:

  • secure encrypted transactions
  • 100% money back guarantee for 100 days
  • Special offers and coupons
  • multi-buy (more economic) shopping packages
  • 24/7 support from the experienced Brutal Force team
  • Free shipping worldwide

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