The Transformation Imperative Collaborative Leadership is Key For Future Success

By John Mattone
In this article, John Mattone discusses how progressive leaders in the business world are moving away from a conventional leadership culture and embracing a collaborative approach to heading up their organisations.


The business world is shifting fast, and progressive CEOs see that they have no choice but to transform. Attempting to cope, they apply their best thinking to the structures, systems, and processes they need to compete. Conventional wisdom says that the right business structures will provide the right efficiencies and agility that they need to succeed and achieve meaningful longevity. But behind closed doors, senior leaders are speaking a different truth. Conventional wisdom? Throw it out the door.

A shift in focus is required from development of the individual, heroic leader, to the realisation that leadership is a collective activity.

Increasingly, companies are questioning the incessant reorganising, reengineering, and restructuring. Strategies and plans that should work fall apart, yielding less-than-expected results. Operational decisions that once were clear-cut are becoming more complicated and ambiguous.

Worse, many top executives and teams struggle to agree on outcomes – or even common ground – for moving forward. This is because many talented individual leaders with impressive track records fail to collaborate. They don’t know how to work together to understand difficult challenges, much less to resolve them. Instead, they continue to operate in silos and default to traditional boundaries and turf battles.

In short, organisations are stuck; many are failing. Frustrated executives work harder and longer. People at every level are overwhelmed, guarded, and cynical.

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