Rankwatch launches Console: Unlocks & Enriches Google Search Console Data, Making it More Meaningful!

Rankwatch launches Console: unlocks & enriches Google Search Console data, making it more meaningful

Google Search Console is a powerful tool for webmasters and SEO professionals to analyze their website’s performance and visibility in the search engine, but it also has its limitations. 

For instance, data limitations. The data it provides is comprehensive. However, it must provide a comprehensive view of organic search performance also. 

Furthermore, along with difficult navigation, there’s no scope for comparing paid and organic traffic with fragile data visualization. 

Despite the easy interface, tool set-up, and utility is complex, eventually fostering significant difficulty for newbie users. 

However, in case you want to check the SEO health and backlink profile of your website before enhancing your Google search console, you can use RankWatch website seo checker and backlink checker tools. 

Why RankWatch Console is Essential?

Rankwatch Console is the most sophisticated tool for comprehending Google Search Console. With the Rankwatch console, you can compare crucial parameters over two-time frames, obtain more than 1000 key phrases according to your criteria and gain access to information for more than 16 months as long as you are with Rankwatch. 

In this article, we will explain how to connect the RankWatch Console with Google Search Console for infinite possibilities. 

Where to Find the Console on RankWatch and How to Connect with GSC?

You can visit the RankWatch website, where you can get a 14 day free trial offer as a new user. Further, in the console section, you will get an option to feed the mode of research with desired insights like console module, GSC account, location, time, device type, and so on. 

Next, when you click on submit option, the AI-driven tool will automatically generate the report within a blink of an eye.

The Fantastic Features of RankWatch Search Console

In this section, we will explore the features offered by RankWatch Console by discussing the top 5 use cases of the search console module.

Use Case-1: Using as a Rank Tracker

Use the Console as a rank tracker and get hold of positions of all your ranking search queries like impressions, clicks, CTR%, ranking keywords, ranking pages & URLs.

You can find up to a million individual search queries along with the KPIs that your website is ranking for.

Use country and device filters to refine the results further.

You can also find tons of keyword-related filters, like keywords that have improved or declined the page rank, keywords that have entered or left the first page, etc.

Fetch insights like an average position distribution graph that helps you to have a quick overview of your website’s position.

Use Case-2: Using to resolve keyword cannibalization

The RankWatch Console can serve keyword cannibalization instances like a platter on the table. You can quickly identify the URLs that sabotage your website’s growth. The tool helps remove keyword cannibalization within minutes. 

Get the list of ranking URLs for each search query and quantify metrics like position, clicks, impressions, and average CTRs.

You can also find the list of URLs ranking for common keywords on the same page under the Ranking URL Count column.

To refine the search result, a multi-stage filter has been given.

Further, you are able to export this data by clicking the export button. You can now use the data to resolve keyword cannibalization instances.

Use Case-3: Creating a lifetime repository of your valuable data

As we all know, content is king for the growth of your website. RankWatch Console can help create new content ideas for your website.

Find each keyword your website ranks for and accidental keywords using the Console.

Refine results to long tail keywords, new keywords, and question-based keywords. That will help you create new content ideas and topic clusters.

Use Case-4: Using for automatic keyword grouping

Keyword grouping plays an essential role in ranking high on SERPs. RankWatch Console allows you to perform the same.

The tool can automatically group all the search queries and map all the keywords that are ready to use. It eliminates the chances of error while doing it manually. That is extremely helpful in refining your site structure.

Use Case-5: Finding URLs solving a wrong search intent

If any URL of your search queries solves the wrong search intent, it can significantly damage your website traffic and impression. RankWatch Console can resolve this efficiently. 

You can find the list of URLs that solve wrong search intent for search queries on the Console page. Further, you can rework the content and on-page factors to drive more relevant traffic to your website.

For de-optimizing the pages, go to RankWatch SEO IQ and enter the wrong search query along with the targeted URL and location. RankWatch will scrape through your landing page and report on each page element where that specific wrong search query is used. You can now remove all of them from all those page elements to resolve the issue.


The RankWatch Search Console is a feature-rich and powerful tool for SEO and SEM professionals and Webmasters. The tool offers a comprehensive insight into Google Search Console’s data as well as advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

With the tool, you can track your ranking, manage your content, identify probable keywords, and diagnose performance issues and opportunities. The tool can be used to track keyword ranking, evaluate your website’s performance in search engine results pages and analyze trends.

So here’s the bottom line. RankWatch Search Console offers phenomenal features to enrich Google search console data.


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