The 7 Keys to Unlocking Organisational Greatness

By Sean Culey

Sean Culey, member of the European Leadership Team of the Supply Chain Council and CEO of business improvement consultancy SEVEN Collaborative Solutions, discusses the challenges of creating organisation wide process integration, strategic alignment and a culture of disciplined and effective execution.  He also gives an overview of a new suite of material called ‘The 7 Keys to Unlocking Organisation Greatness’ designed to aid businesses through these challenges.

Having worked with a large number of clients across the world, from huge multinationals to smaller firms, one thing remains constant: they are all trying to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment. However, I have all too often been exasperated to see money, time, effort and customer loyalty squandered due to poorly-implemented technology, sub-optimal processes, ineffective leadership, and soul-destroying cultural behaviours. As an example, Gartner predicts that the worldwide spend on IT in 2011 will total $3.6 trillion – expenditure intended to create improvements in business performance. However, historically 80% of cases have shown a return on investment that is either below expectations or, worse, unknown. I became driven to understand why businesses allowed this to happen, and whether my team and I could use this understanding to develop approaches to reverse the trend.

In his book ‘Good to Great,’ Jim Collins’ states that “Greatness is not a function of circumstance; greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline”; to get different results any organisation has to make a conscious choice to develop, operate and behave in different ways. Organisational design expert Arthur W. Jones tells us that; “all organisations are perfectly aligned to get the results they get.”

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