What really matters to Gen Z? Workplace tech or the team around them?

Friends are sitting on the couch and everybody is typing on her/his mobiel phone

By Tony Bailey

As students get their A-level results and graduate from university this summer, a new tranche of young people will enter the workforce. So what do their prospective employers need to do to attract and accommodate the best and brightest ‘Generation Z’ talent?


These digital natives were born into a world rapidly transformed by technology and where mobile phones, the internet and social media were already a part of everyday life. As a result, they bring with them different expectations of how they want to work.

To help businesses of all sizes get ready for the latest batch of Gen Z employees and to make sure they’re able to work most productively, we commissioned a study examining the attributes that matter most to post-millennials entering the workforce. In particular, five core attributes stood out:

  1. Team – with the average person spending a staggering 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, it’s no wonder that Gen Z list the team around them as the number one motivator for keeping them productive in the workplace
  2. Training – having the opportunity to brush up on their skills and expertise, ensuring these remain relevant in changing environment, is clearly key to Gen Z with over three-fifths (63%) stating a sufficient level of training is needed to keep them productive
  3. Quality of tech – as we continue to hurtle into a digital landscape, the quality of technology and devices provided by employers will be critical in ensuring the younger generation is properly equipped to work at their best
  4. Flexible working – of those who have a flexible working policy in place, over half (56%) stated flexible working makes them more productive. It’s clear that Gen Z doesn’t feel it’s necessary to be in the office all the time, meaning employers need to think about how they upscale and modernise their working policies and technology
  5. Workplace culture – workplace culture helps to create exceptional, high performing workers. And with over half (55%) highlighting the impact that workplace culture has on personal productivity, employers need to be fostering a positive workplace environment

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About the Author

Tony Bailey leads Vodafone’s Regional Business across all nine regions of the UK. Responsibilities include full P&L responsibility for performance of the business unit and sales, marketing, design and service management for Vodafone’s regional customers.

Prior to this role Tony led Vodafone Enterprise Services providing communications and IT services to Vodafone’s UK customers. Tony has also led the UK’s indirect channel, Vodafone Partner Services, and ran a global product management function. Earlier in his career, Tony worked for Nortel and BT’s Research Laboratories.


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