The Tech Trends Which are Shaping HR in 2019

As the old saying goes, “you’re only as good as your weakest link”. It’s a phrase which is extremely pertinent to the world of business.

Unhappy members of the workforce can start to underperform and emit their negative energy upon the wider staff. One of the roles of HR professionals is to identify these unhappy workers, understand why they’re feeling this way and solve the problem.

It’s a tough task, but is being made easier thanks to the technological advances which continue to optimise how this vital department goes about its day to day duties.

AdviserPlus have put together an infographic which lists the tech trends which are having the most impact on HR professionals and how they’re helping employees and businesses become happier and more productive.

You can take a look at the graphic below…


HR Tech Trends 2019
Provided by AdviserPlus


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