The Dangerous World Of Start-Ups: Drugs, Investments, And More


Most successful entrepreneurs tend to have a “go-getter” mentality. 

They’re someone who wants to take on the challenge of building a business, be their own boss, or disrupt an industry to begin a trend.

However, sometimes, having a “going in for a ride” inclination can impact your mental health. For example, it can increase your stress level, diminish your sense of freedom, and make you atychiphobic (fear of failure).

When dealing with so many aspects alone, many people tend to deviate from the road to natural recovery and opt for drugs.

Yes, you’re not alone.

As per AAMC, almost 21 million US residents are currently struggling with the grasp of drug addiction. Amongst them, nearly 45% of people derive from a ‘start-up’ background.

But why’s drug addiction become such a prevailing matter?

Let’s find out.

Drug Addiction And Start-Ups: What’s The Connection?

The office environment or culture of a start-up can directly influence the well-being of their employee. There are no two ways about it.

In some cases, an organization can have a more relaxed drug or alcohol policy, which doesn’t prohibit or discourage substance usage strictly. It, in turn, can sometimes leverage people to have “that” independence of drinking or smoking whenever they want.

Sometimes, people working in an authoritative position in the company can also impact the substance abuse tolerance of the organization.

For instance, a report from the CDC suggests that men are more susceptible to drinking or being addicted to drugs than women. According to the same, almost 22% of men tend to binge drink five times or more in a month.

Hence, if a start-up consists of more male employees than female ones, it might be vulnerable to a substance abuse culture.

Due to this reason, it becomes imperative for an organization to create a suitable alcohol and drug abuse policy. 

Also, if someone’s already suffering from addiction, make sure to be as supportive as possible. If possible, we’ll ask you to take them to a center for drug abuse recovery in San Antonio personally. 

Taking care of the physical and psychological health of your employees should always be your primary concern.

Other Reasons Behind The Prominence Of Drug Addiction

Having a flexible substance abuse culture can definitely be considered as a reason behind the prominence of drug addiction amongst start-ups. 

However, it isn’t the only one out there.

Whether you believe it or not, being addicted to drugs can occur through an individual choice as well. Here are some problems that can contribute to this factor –

Stress And Anxiety

As a start-up organization, your primary aim will always be to get more productive and offer as much as possible to your clients. However, while it may seem logical from a corporational point of view, it can also lead to the employees being massively stressed out.

Unfortunately, some people may try to self-medicate and lower their anxiety or nervous strain by misusing substances. 

When paired with unsupportive management, extreme anxiety may also lead some employees to consume drugs to cope with the surge of negative emotions.

Being Underappreciated Or Alienated

As mentioned, an organization’s work environment can massively affect the well-being of an employee. According to psychiatrists, an alienated or underappreciated individual will be more likely to develop chronic stress than anyone else.

If your organization doesn’t have a support system, the sense of loneliness can worsen their negative emotions and workplace stress. This, in turn, can prompt them to use recreational substances and develop an addiction to the same.

Inflexible Work Hours

Almost everyone needs some personal time and space, especially after spending a “long day” in the office. Nonetheless, if your organization doesn’t have flexible work hours, it can add up to their stress and negatively impact their psychological health.

This, sequentially, can also lead them to take drugs to manage their anxiety and gradually get addicted to it. In addition, some of your employees may also try to utilize stimulants to stay focused or awake during the night shifts.

Suffering From Addiction – A To-Do List

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, the work pressure of a start-up is bound to get you. Now, if you’re amongst the unfortunate ones, you’ve probably already fallen under the intangible grasp of addiction.

However, there’s no need to worry, though.

No matter how long you’ve abused substances, rehabilitation will still be possible. Thus, if you or a fellow employee is struggling with drug addiction, considering the following steps will be beneficial for you.

Step – 1: Seek Psychological Solace

Although it may not seem believable, falling into the trap of drug addiction wasn’t your fault. As we’ve said before, many people tend to follow the same path every year due to the lack of personal space. So, you’re not alone, and you’ve done nothing wrong.

Hence, when it comes to recovering from drug addiction, your focus should always be on being confident and seeking emotional support. Although it might seem complicated, talking to someone in your family or friend circle can help.

If you don’t have anyone, visiting a psychiatrist and letting them know about your whereabouts would also be beneficial. Just let it all out when you’re with them and wait for their guidance towards complete recovery and healing.

Step – 2: Look For A Treatment Center

Alcohol or substance dependency is an acute psychological disease with your life at stake. So, like any other health-related problem, you must cure it by reaching out to a proper treatment center.

With them, you’ll have to undergo a drug dependency program where they will assist you in determining the underlying issues contributing to addiction. Additionally, it’ll be possible for you to effectively break the cycle of dependency.

Besides, you’ll also develop healthy habits and follow wholesome diet plans to regain your strength or body mass again. When it comes to curing drug addiction, your focus should be on developing boundaries. That’s how you’ll begin walking on the path of sobriety.

Start Getting Treatment Today!

Being an entrepreneur can be pretty challenging yet extremely rewarding. However, as you can see, the process of launching an organization can also damage your mental health and push you toward drug addiction.

Hence, if you get entangled in drug addiction, kindly start seeking treatment today. While you’re at it, reading a guide on stopping smoking naturally can also help.

Don’t let the feeling of being defeated get over your head. Instead, be confident, put a “yes, I can do it!” smile on your face, and start developing yourself.

You’ll definitely succeed one day! 

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