How to Naturally Stop Smoking?

The Disease Control and Prevention Center surveyed the citizens to evaluate the concentration of smokers in the USA. Every 14 out of 100 adults are smokers, as per the survey. Scientific studies say that smoking can cause severe disorders like Cancer, Heart diseases, and lung disorders. However, many smokers want to quit. Though, it becomes a challenging task because prescription medications like nicotine can lead to addiction likewise. Traditional western techniques may cause harm, so people prefer to adopt eastern approaches to smoking cessation. These are natural alternatives to get rid of nicotine addiction and stop curb cravings. There is a requirement for detoxification of the human body to remove all traces of nicotine from our system.

The World Health Organization (WHO) often concluded that there is a higher risk of death for smokers due to COVID-19. Research shows that the strength of motive to quit smoking and a correct approach can help to restrict poor habits. Here, we represent some best natural ways to stop smoking and live a healthy life.

Natural Techniques to Quit Smoking


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT refers to counseling sessions that may benefit one to avoid an unhealthy routine. Talking therapy is a boon for promoting calmness and preventing one from worsening addictive habits that are not helpful. Several clinical trials with the approach of CBD claimed it as an effective strategy to avoid smoking. This particular method may often encourage good habits and long-term unwillingness to smoke. Researchers have experimented with the effects of Cognitive Behavioral Smoking Cessation Therapy over elderly frequent smokers in 2016. The results were satisfying:

  • It boosts the abstinence rate.
  • It can reduce the relapse rate to a minimum.
  • It acts as a mood regulator during the withdrawal of smoking habits.

Recent discoveries often led to promising results for reduction in depression rate after dropping the smoking habit. One can refrain from smoking permanently within 12 months.


You might find it shocking! However, CBD- an extract of the hemp plant, is anti-addictive. The discovery of facts through clinical research signifies that CBD has the potential to cure drug addiction. It relaxes our anxiety that occurs during the withdrawal process of smoking. Not only for smoking, but it is also effective for nicotine addiction. Though the research has minimal evidence, it provides promising effects to satisfy its users. It is a non-psychoactive, natural compound that one must give a try. If you are unable to self-control your addiction, then CBD products or a perfect vape might be the correct solution for you. 


You might wonder how acupuncture is profitable for smokers? Acupuncture is a type of therapy that requires hair-thin needles. The process works through the insertion of these needles in various ear points for almost twenty minutes. 

For ease of working, acupuncture therapists include a tiny ball inside the ear at those points with an invisible tape. Whenever the smoker feels a craving for a cigarette, the person can calm those sensations with a gentle press on the ball. This procedure acts as a stimulator through activation of the acupuncture point. Thus, acupuncture proves to be a reliable treatment to quit smoking that is both safe and effective.


Many random trials among a specific group of smokers concluded that hypnotherapy is a more reliable option for effective treatment. Though hypnotherapy is slow, it is effective for a better withdrawal rate. Most smokers prefer it due to the ease of withdrawal method in comparison to the acupuncture technique. Also, a combined study of hypnotherapy with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) took place. It signifies that hypnotherapy is much more effective. One can experience long-term abstinence. However, the combination of both these therapies did not lead to any improvements. 


It is a therapy that helps in the decrease of craving rate and withdrawal symptoms. The development of NRTs wears off all cigarette traces from our body and provides a minimal dosage of nicotine. NRT has five types that FDA has approved:

  • Nasal spray
  • Inhaler
  • Skin patches
  • Lozenges
  • Chewing gum


Herbal remedies are an impressive alternative to traditional methods for quitting smoking. These herbal treatments help in reducing carvings. It often helps to overcome symptoms like emotions, irritation, and anxiety that occur during nicotine withdrawal. Recent exploration says that Green Tea tends to heal the damaged tissues that are a cause of smoking. Green tea is efficient for controlling recurring cravings. One can sip it throughout the day without any worry of side effects. One can intake its seeds in the form of supplements as well.

Clinical research of 2010 utilized the traces of green tea in cigarette filters. The results say that the micronutrients and amino acids flood in the human body system. It is significant to eliminate the urge to smoke.

Not only smoking, but green tea has the efficacy for the treatment of various conditions. Drinking green tea twice a day can diminish the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoking is the primary cause of this severe disorder. However, the overdose of any substance can lead to danger. So, one must consult a medical professional before switching to herbal supplements to avoid improper use. 


Few simple lifestyle modifications are the key to win over your smoking habits:

  1. Fruits and vegetables- Smoking drains out the essential nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin D from our body. It can cause a decrease in the absorption rate of nutrients. Thus, ingestion of a healthy diet through fresh fruits and veggies can contribute to your health restoration.
  2. Dairy products- One must opt for milk and dairy products because they create a bitter taste after smoking. It is an effective way to restrain yourself from smoking.
  3. Avoid sugar and Caffeine- both of them are responsible for blood acidity and lead to worsening your health. So, one can use sugar-free gums as an alternative for their craving. It will not only enhance your capacity for struggle, but it will last longer than cigarettes. So, it makes the withdrawal duration slightly easier to combat.
  4. Yoga and exercise – One must switch their daily routine to exercise and meditation. Deep breathing is often a solution to minimize stress, anxiety, and depression. Thus, one can feel calm and relaxed during smoking cessation.
  5. Water Intake- stress and mood can lead to variation in your craving capacity. Lack of water can deteriorate your health. It may affect the chemicals in your brain that may increase your craving for a cigarette. So, one must drink plenty of water.
  6. Sleeping pattern- A good night’s sleep is necessary to avoid any stress or situations that can trigger your craving.


Natural techniques to quit smoking are harmless. One can introduce these methods in your daily routine. They not only revive you from severe diseases but also benefit your internal organ system. It is essential to maintain your pace of motivation against vicious habits to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Apart from enlisting the ways to combat withdrawal symptoms, one must ensure the correct approach of intake. One must ensure what triggers their craving. However, if you aim, you gain! Your one action towards a healthy lifestyle will modify your way of living.

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