How to set up a new company in USA

Everyone looks to start his own business nowadays. Today we will discuss everything that you should know to start your own company in the USA. Starting your own business in the United States of America can enhance your credibility and increase your access in the US market and investors. If you are living outside the US and want to register a company in the US then you should have your merchant account, that you will open physically in the US branch. We have created this step by step guide to help you. Keep in mind Incorporate means “Corporation” and “Form an LLC” means “Limited Liability Company” (LLC).

If you want to create a corporation in the USA  you need to file the documents that are called “Article of Incorporation or certificate of incorporation”. LLC version of this document is called “Articles of Organization” or “Certificate of Organization”. These documents are different according to the state where you are going to start your business. The word “entity” is used to describe the business, corporation or an LLC that is not for an individual.

There are some basic steps to know “how to start your own business in the USA”. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Choose for which business you are going to fill your Form

There are two options while filling or registering your business either you are going for Corporation or LLC. There are two options “C-corporation” or “Regular corporation” and the other type is “ S-corporation” but this type of entry requires your shareholders to be citizens of the US. There is no any limitation on the number of owners for US “Corporation or LLC”, from which country they are or either they are individual or the owners of other companies.  However, your home country may have some laws regarding this if you don’t know about the rules and regulation of your country.


2. Choose the state for which you are going to Form your Corporation or LLC

In the US you can form your corporation or LLC in any of the 50 states. It depends on which state you are forming your company. Go for the states that are “business-friendly” or “international-friendly” because in the US there are some states that are better to start a new corporation than others like Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming.


3.  Requirements to Form a Corporation or LLC

Once you have finalized your decision what type of company you like to form and in which state you are going to form the company. There are some basic requirements you need to fill out to from your company that are;

  1. Choose a specific name for your company and be sure this name is available in your selected state.
  2. Provide a registered agent that must have a physical address in that state, available during business hours, can accept and sign for official and legal state documents for the company. Moreover, you can scan the documents, and email them.
  3. Provide the name and Addresses of the persons or companies that are going to be involved along with you in your corporation.
  4. You need to submit your “Federal identification number” and it is optional to submit it.
  5. There is another optional thing you need to submit if you have that is “Apostille or Certificate of Authentication.


4. Ater the US Corporation or US LLC

After forming the US corporation or LLC there are some other tasks you need that dependson the requirements and the purpose of your US Company that are:

  • You should have to arrange the US Physical Business Address or Virtual Office
  • Now you should open your company’s bank account
  • Always select the bank that has a branch in your home country (if you are non-citizen)
  • Get a US Phone Number for your company
  • Build a website with attractive logo
  • Open your US merchant account


5. Maintaining Your US Corporation or LLC

If you want to maintain your US Corporation or LLC in the US is fairly easy and simple and you just need to have an Annual Report, Maintain a Registered agent, fulfil all the requirements that your home country need to start your US business, Pay your US Taxes to minimize any plenty to your company.


Final Verdict

In this article we have considered all the basic requirements with all the basic information that you need to fulfill to make your company or corporation in the US. We considered all the essential points and basic information to complete the answer to your question, “How to Set Up a New Company in USA” We hope this article will help you a lot in this case.


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