How to Name Your New Brand

Launching a business can be exciting, as you’ll likely be filled with many ideas for marketing campaigns, the customer service experience, and sales tactics. However, you might be scratching your head about the best name for your budding brand.

You mustn’t pick a name because it is catchy, as it must embody your company’s values and image. To make the right decision for your business, read these top tips on how to name your new brand.

Identify Your Company’s Purpose

Many companies believe they need to create names that sound functional or that feature the name of their location, as they might worry the customer will not understand the brand if they don’t. However, when you think of the world’s biggest brands, they don’t tend to feature the name of the product or service they provide or their location.

To create a brand name that defines your business, think about the benefits it delivers to its customers, and the positive outcomes your products and services will provide each day. Think carefully about your company’s purpose to create a brand name that embodies your brand and that will connect with your target audience.

For example, do you provide a service that guards or protects others, or offers comfort and support? Maybe it solves a problem, or it improves speed or efficiency. Identifying its purpose and outcomes could help you to create a catchy, meaningful brand name that will help you to stand out.

If you can’t think of a short, unique word that summarizes your brand, you could always choose a metaphor that will reflect your company’s qualities. Good examples of successful brands using metaphors include Amazon, Jaguar, and RedBull.

Consider Various Factors

There are also various factors you must consider before setting your heart on a brand name. For example, you must ask yourself if it:

  • Has an available .com domain name
  • Is easy to spell and pronounce
  • Conveys your company’s size and scale
  • Is both memorable and unique
  • Complements your brand’s story and values

If you still can’t think of the right brand name that matches your company’s story, mission, and values, you should hire a professional to help you create the perfect brand name. For example, Ed Prichard has helped many brands with naming using his tried and tested processes. As many companies will likely want different options to choose from to make the perfect pick, Ed Prichard will create a shortlist of compelling brand names. Your legal experts can then check to identify potential legal issues with other competitors and businesses.

Pick an Evergreen Name

Picking an evergreen brand name will ensure it is timeless and won’t become outdated in a few years. Rather than being forced to rebrand, you should pick a name that will never go out of style. Prime examples of evergreen brands include HelloFresh or BrightHouse. It is, therefore, important to steer away from brand names that contain product or technology names, which could soon fall out of fashion.


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