How to Be a “Bank in a Smartphone” For Every Client


If it is important for your business to communicate and serve customers in a decentralized way, through an open-source, transparently, without bureaucracy, and without spending a lot of money, then take up defi token development services. In this article, let’s take apart the essence and privileges of the market DeFi. And why is it still so necessary for you to further conversions?

The most important thing about financial services technology

  • A financial tool like decentralization of these finances (DeFi) is needed for you and your business to design and develop services and applications of your business that are based on blockchain. What is the main goal in transforming finance into decentralized finance? It’s an alternative banking sector. It is the use of open source technologies. That is, to give many people access to decentralized lending and new investment platforms and allow them to receive passive income from cryptocurrency assets.
  • DeFi-protocols are considered one in every of the foremost innovative and safest because they work supported blockchain and smart contract technologies.
  • Blockchain could be a distributed database during which information about the transactions is stored within the type of uninterrupted lancet of blocks. It’s inconceivable to form information within this method.
  • A smart contract is a computer algorithm that precisely fulfills a given agreement between two parties to an agreement.
  • Most DeFi-protocols work based on Ethereum blockchain. Although Aleph One is increasing activity on other platforms, such as Polkadot or EOS.
  • Smart contracts execute blockchain-based agreements and perform financial turnover in the middle of a given space. This process is fully automated and gives the parties to the contract a guarantee that the information recorded in the code is protected, encrypted, and cannot be used by third parties for their own purposes.

DeFi in practice

What forms the DeFi ecosystem:

  • Farming – any action geared toward obtaining tokens for some activity, usually – providing its computing power to perform blockchain calculations.
  • Issuing tokenized shares. These are essentially analogous to traditional securities, but with the advantages of blockchain. There are several ways to use such tokens: a debt or investment instrument, a derivative, or a digital stake. Is there, for example, a decentralized equivalent of an ETF? Yes, they are token baskets.
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). They need no exchange operator and no need for registration, identity verification, and fees. Instead, payments are processed by smart contracts. The platform does not access funds and does not store its customers’ assets, which means there is essentially a real exchange without an intermediary.
  • Cryptocurrency loans. Some users lend their coins and others take them. What other features do decentralized financial services platforms have? There are many, including loan services. Plus, you don’t have to distribute the interest yourself. You get convenient transactions. To borrow money, you will need to provide the platform with collateral.
  • Synthetic assets. What are they, and what is the essence of their work? They are smart contracts which imitate the behavior of the underlying asset in the course of transactions. You see this behavior in the examples of stocks, bonds, bets, futures, currencies, interest rates. Also, at auctions. In addition, there is another big market – the prediction markets. This is well known to everyone betting on the results of elections, sports and not only games, events and more.
  • Prediction markets – platforms that allow betting on the results of events, games, elections, etc.
  • Asset management.

Why you need to develop DeFi tokens: benefits

Aleph One, which specializes in DeFi token application and services development and knows exactly how to minimize the risk of smart contract hacking, will help you understand the meaning of DeFi development. Why do you need this?

1. Decentralization

It is the decentralization of financial services, as close to reality as possible, that attracts entrepreneurs of the modern market. The very fact that the crypto project is managed through smart contracts by all participants, not by executives, means a lot in DeFi case.

2. Accessibility for all

DeFi allows those who were previously unable to use financial services to participate within the global economy. There are many reasons for this injustice, but the most one is that several unbanked people don’t have all the documents that financial institutions usually invite. Also, in certain countries, it’s difficult to accumulate the mandatory credit points. And somewhere there are not any bank branches outside of the capital city in any respect.

3. Opportunity to earn money

In addition to maintaining a stable value for money, the use of decentralized finance allows you to passively earn from the available cryptocurrency. There are many options: high-interest savings accounts, asset allocation, and more.

4. Controlling your finances

At DeFi, only you manage your assets. With decentralized services and organizations like MakerDAO, you’ve got 24/7 control over your finances. No official can suddenly ban you from the dApp, freeze your account, or seize your funds.

5. Transparency

With DeFi, all information is open and accessible, and it allows you to decide on safe projects and services from the comfort of your house. In reality, if you wish a loan you’d must go door to door with lenders, compare interest rates, and confirm all the data is true and there are not any hidden fees. DeFi is different-all the data you need about lending protocols like Compound is well accessible and transparent.

And DeFi businesses are offered the following benefits:

  • global availability
  • reliable smart contracts
  • programmable digital assets
  • high security
  • attractiveness to potential investors
  • widespread attention

How are DeFi token services created

By the way, Ethereum gives you the ability to use tools to test and deploy smart contracts. This is proof that financial services (DeFi) applications can be created by knowing how to write smart contracts. Once you download the smart contracts platform, you can create a token that allows the protocol to use the blockchain network.  

In addition, it turns out that your very possession of a token ensures that the blockchain coin interacts with the protocol in the project. Speaking of defi token development and trends, it is worth mentioning that cryptoprojects themselves can create and develop their own tokens for decentralization. For example, Compound uses COMP as a management token. That is, the entrepreneur who takes possession of this token makes decisions about the project’s protocol code. And this is already an opportunity to control the distribution of funds in the project.


It is defi token development that allows you to tokenize easy access to financial services. And all transactions are done quickly and without a chain of intermediaries, which reduces commission costs. 


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