How European Businesses Are Protecting Their Employees In The Workplace?


Europe has some of the most profitable businesses in the world. Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen, the Vitol Group, BP, Siemens, BASF, Linde, and Commerzbank are just to name a few. And, this is not to mention the continent’s thousands of successful small businesses.

While European businesses have taken a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, some have taken this opportunity to improve their workplaces. According to a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), approximately 2.3 million workers are fatally injured in the workplace each year. The statistics include both diseases and accidents.

The ILO report also claimed about 340 million workplace accidents are reported worldwide each year. Workplace injuries do not look good on a business record, which is why many have taken the steps to make the much-needed improvements in their workplaces. This effort is not only to minimize workplace accident numbers but also to protect dedicated workers as they fulfill their duties.

Improving Morale

There is no doubt, morale impacts how workers perform. In fact, experts believe low morale among European workers is why many companies are continuously reporting low employee productivity. As European workers are negatively impacted by the coronavirus, some are wondering if they will have a job to return to after the pandemic. Unfortunately, it is too early to tell.

Improving morale in the workplace is generally not difficult or time-consuming. Employers just need to take this process seriously if they ever expect it to work. Streamlining employer-to-employee communication, being transparent across the company, and congratulating workers frequently is a great place to start.

Another way to improve morale in the workplace is to discourage verbal confrontations among workers. This is where a lot of European employers go wrong. They refuse to speak up with a verbal confrontation breaks out among two or more workers on the clock.

Play Upbeat Music While The Clock Is Ticking Away

Some people believe music is the answer to all problems. While music cannot cure every little ailment, it can help workers improve their productivity. Experts recommend songs that are upbeat and flow like a river. It is crucial to avoid songs with violence or inappropriate language. If your goal is to entice your employers to be content, do not play the music that incites violence.

Reward Dedicated Workers

Employers oftentimes take their workers for granted. This is generally not that unusual, at least in European workplaces it is very common. Experts believe hard workers should be rewarded from time to time. Sports events tickets, motel stays, vacations, monetary bonuses, and apparel with your company logo are just to name a few freebies to add to your list. While most employers discourage football betting, it is okay to encourage your workers to play puzzle games.

It could also play in your favor to provide your workers with a new crossword puzzle every morning when they arrive at work. Encourage them to do the crossword puzzles in their downtime to relax.

Invest In Ergonomically Designed Equipment And Furniture

Have you ever witnessed your workers rubbing their neck, lower back, or wrists? If so, this could be contributed to poor ergonomics in the workplace. Repetitive movements and continuous standing and sitting take its toll on European workers. In fact, these activities have contributed to workplace injuries and diseases.

To minimize the risks associated with the aforementioned workplace activities, experts suggest employers transition from traditional equipment and furniture to ergo-friendly alternatives.

Several manufacturers offer a broad range of ergonomically designed desks, chairs, computer tables, keyboards, hand saws, and power equipment. Within a few weeks, you should notice a major improvement in your workers’ productivity numbers.

Encourage your workers to play free online slots and other game apps.

Encourage Healthier Eating

Many European workers are tasked with bringing their lunch to work. Unfortunately, some of these individuals do not give a second thought to what they are putting in their bodies. Encourage your workers to eat healthier by offering them fresh fruit and healthy snacks off the clock.

Hold classes that focus on healthy eating and regular exercise. Whatever it takes, get your workers to eat less fast food and more fruits and vegetables. Replace snack machines with healthy food machines that offer a decent selection of healthy food, such as yogurt, dried fruit, nuts, cheese sticks, celery sticks, and raisins.

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