5 Best College Football Stadiums

football stadiums

I’ve wanted to write my research papers to explore the most intimidating, most historic, and greenest college football stadiums. The examined stadiums where Subdivision Football Bowl teams usually play their home games and made comparison across different factors, this includes updates, capacity, environmental considerations, individuality and history. Here are the top 5 best college football stadiums.

1. Tiger Stadium

  • Louisiana State University
  • Capacity: 92,542
  • Built: 1924
  • Updated/renovated: 2006

When this stadium is filled, it is the 8th largest city in Louisiana, this makes it an extremely pressured place if you are one of the opposing teams. In the year 1988, Tommy Hodson the popular LSU quarterback was able to do a touchdown pass to teammate Eddie Fuller, this has caused a gigantic crowd reaction that reflected on the earthquake seismograph in the Survey office of Louisiana Geological campus.

Until the year 1980, the stadium had several dorm rooms below the stands. Those rooms are now utilized for offices and storage use.

2. Bryant-Denny Stadium

  • Alabama
  • Capacity: 101,821
  • Built: 1929
  • Updated/renovated: 2010

Alabama has won around 60% of the games played that were hosted in Bryant-Denny stadium. A lot of Alabama football history happened at Birmingham’s Legion Field, until the 1990s where the Iron Bowl event was played. The away team’s locker room was named “The Fail Room,” this is after the donor and alumnus James M. Fail.

3. Ohio Stadium

  • Ohio State University
  • Capacity: 102,239
  • Built: 1922
  • Updated/renovated: 2001

The world’s biggest stadium to carry out a zero-waste program successfully, this aims to redirect 90% of the trash found from the landfill through composting and recycling. Ohio Stadium is the house of The Best Damn Band in the Land, this is the university’s best and award-winning marching band, that has the honour of doing the march in the initial parades of 6 presidents: Richard Nixon, Herbert Hoover, Barack Obama., George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

4. Neyland Stadium

  • Tennessee
  • Capacity: 102,455
  • Built: 1921
  • Updated/renovated: 2009

The Vols team won more than 3 in 4 of their games played in this stadium and they have never had straight losses more than four when they played in Neyland Stadium. In the year 1970, Neyland stadium hosted the Crusade of Billy Graham with guest speaker President Richard Nixon. The event happened three weeks after the fatal tragedy on the Kent State University campus, and a few anti-war protestors got arrested after trying to get inside the Neyland Stadium.

The Southland Band’s Pride performs an unforgettable formation also known as the circle drill, this drill is planned to take the viewers on a musical trip across the state, this includes stops in Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville

5. Michigan Stadium

  • Michigan
  • Capacity: 109,901
  • Built: 1927
  • Updated/renovated: 2010
  • Nickname: The Big House

Michigan Stadium Hosted the NHL Winter Classic in 2014, a professional hockey competition between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. Also known as the Third biggest stadium in the world. Not just that, the fans also recycled trash around 130 tons during the 2013 season.


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