4 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Business

On August 2 2016, this feature was launched by Instagram in which multiple images and videos could be uploaded for a duration of 24 hours. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! It’s undoubtedly a copy of Snapchat’s story feature. Nevertheless, since it has been launched, Instagram Stories has shot up in notoriety and concealed Snapchat with twice the same number of active users in just a period of two years. The number of views on a story can ensure the success of your post. This feature works wonderfully in promoting every business’s products in a very short time, just like some seconds, without wasting the time of viewers. This shows that how much is this helpful for your business’s growth and if you want to enhance your social media growth services, then Nitreo.com is a website which can highly help you.

By following the below mentioned four best ways to use Instagram stories, you can surely enhance your business growth and sales:

1. Allow the Polls to choose

You can utilize the “Poll” sticker to make your prompts and get replies in a yes/no format, short answer, or a response slider. Polls are one of the clearest apparatuses for you to check the interest of customers towards a product. They are a great representation of how Instagram stories help business growth and sales.  Instagram users appreciate polls since they are a fast method to engages with low exertion on their part. It’s an exceptionally basic approach to cause them to feel included. At the point when the poll is done, you can share results onto your Story.

2. Look Behind the Scenes

Giving your followers an unfiltered visit through what goes on in the background can ingrain genuineness as you show the human faces that run your business. You can do this by exhibiting what it like to work there or how you do or make things — truly anything that will help build up your image and relationship with customers.

3. Must Go Live

If you want to get instant feedback from your targeted audience, then you should go live and use this feature. This feature helps you to interact with your customer directly through a live stream, and a plus point is that you can also save it for the people who missed it. Viewers can directly ask questions regarding the product form you. This will eventually increase your business growth, and sales as people get to aware of your product life.

4. Always Use Highlights

Probably the greatest preferred position that Instagram Stories has over Snapchat is the capability to make “Story Highlights,” where you can add chosen stories to see you make that stays under your profile. With this feature, you can easily upload a glimpse of your product which will increase an amusement among the potential customers towards that product.

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Instagram stories are recognized as one of the easiest ways to increase business sales, and it’s also being implemented throughout the world as it allows you to sale your product globally without facing the hindrances of boundaries. One can easily sell his/her product by just simply using this app and applying all the ways discussed above to increase his/her business sales. 


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