Best ways to promote your business that won’t cost you a fortune

Marketing and promotion are not one-time investments, but rather, these are ongoing investments to maintain your brand image’s prominence. These days the digital landscape is overcrowded with advertisements and marketing campaigns, and each brand has to carve out its space. And to remain relevant to the forefront, it is crucial to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

However, most small and medium-scale businesses struggle with finances, and marketing campaigns require funds to hit their targets. But the question here is, how to promote your business without spending a fortune?

There most certainly is! In 2020, advertisement and marketing have become accessible, cheaper, and more rewarding in the digital arena. Various strategies and tools will help you reach out to your audience and promote your business with a competitive edge.

This article will walk you through promotional strategies that cost less and offer significant returns on investments.

Here, take a look:


An Immersive Website

Your website is your official address in the digital arena, and it should be compelling and attractive to maintain traffic. If your website and its offerings attract your audience, your digital brand will flourish and grow remarkably. User-friendly and immersive website design is a vital investment to attract your audience with products, videos, graphics, and creativity.

Starting a blog is an excellent initiative if your business lacks substantial funds to funnel towards marketing endeavors. It will serve as the mouthpiece of your business, informing, engaging, and inspiring your audience. You can turn your blog into a little magazine that discusses your product offerings and offers valuable insight and advice.

Blogs infused with videos, graphics, and informative content are more likely to win over the audience. Your blog will boost your ranking in Google search results and lend your brand authority in the long-run.


Personalized Gifts

Consumers adore gifts and giveaways, and you can use these trinkets to rope them into attending events, seminars, and more. Personalized gifts carrying your branded logo, color palette, and other elements are an excellent way to make compelling impressions. There are loads of ideas to pick and choose from, such as engraved pens, coffee mugs, folders, fabric bags, caps, notebooks, keychains, passport holders, and t-shirts are just a few ideas to explore. You can choose personalized products that best reflect your brand identity and quality commitments.

When you give away a product carrying your name and logo, you position yourself in the immediate environment of your consumers. It serves as a reminder of your products or services and your brand image. Every time they pick up that pen to write, your logo will be registered in their brain, positioning itself permanently.

Naturally, when they need a relevant product or service, the first name to pop up in their head will be yours!


A Powerful SEO Strategy

Devising a dynamic and robust SEO strategy is of utmost significance to ensure your brand’s prominence and promotion. Search engine optimization will help increase your search rankings and ensure your content is Google-friendly. SEO is crucial to ensure that each web page reaches out to its target audience.

More importantly, SEO will ensure that the search engines understand and approve your website content. The content for your web pages and blogs must be SEO-friendly and well-optimized. Most brands spend hundreds of dollars on hiring SEO experts, which is unnecessary. Meticulous research and dedicated guidance will allow you to improve the SEO of your website yourself.

Just focus on the titles for each page, incorporate relevant keywords, and used the most searched phrases throughout your content.


Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media is the perfect medium for your audience to engage effectively without spending a bucket-load of money. If you do not have a lively presence for your company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube, you’re doing something wrong.

It is crucial to interact with your consumers in their preferred environments, and social media is the ideal venue. Facebook and Instagram offer immersive and innovative tools to boost your promotions and target a particular audience using filters. Social media allows you to directly with your clients and humanize your brand.

You can funnel their feeds with inspiration, creative video and written content, immersive images, and exclusive discounts and sales. Creativity is an essential ingredient to boost your social media engagement. You can also engage your audience through Facebook groups and communities. Or use Instagram stories and live chat features to keep them hooked on the latest updates.

Use social media to humanize your brand with behind-the-scene stories, and by sharing the struggle that led you here. Connect with your audience on more profound levels by sharing all the elements that reflect your brand.


Email Marketing

Another strategy to keep your audience informed and engaged without spending an arm or a leg is email marketing. We all check our emails regularly, and consumers appreciate brands that maintain contact and keep them informed. Marketing emails are an ideal strategy to make your consumers feel cherished and up-to-date.

You can present them with exclusive sales, promotional discounts, and special offers curated as per their preferences. You can start a newsletter to keep them hooked to the monthly or weekly happenings of your brand. And through your emails, you can keep bringing them back to your website.


Business Card & Stationery

Designing your business card and stationery is the very first step towards cementing your brand identity and logo to convey an image of professionalism and quality in the eyes of the onlookers.

These onlookers could be your clients, potential customers, business associates, vendors, or even industry bigwigs. Business cards are the most crucial promotional weapons that make your brand memorable by lending it an aura of esteem.


Wrapping Up

Companies that strategize effectively and creatively don’t have to worry too much about spending. Creativity is the crux of all successful promotional efforts, followed by effective targeting and consistency. An SEO-friendly website, immersive graphics, engaging videos, and engaging email marketing will help you boost conversions and revenues.

It may seem overwhelming as a solopreneur with a limited budget, but in the long-run, cultivating these skills will prove helpful.


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