Why You Should Try Bath Bombs Infused with CBD

CBD Bath Bombs

Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift in how people think of hemp plants and, in particular, the cannabinoid CBD. The idea of using CBD supplements or topicals to promote overall good health has become somewhat routine.

Typically people think of CBD oils when they think about adding CBD supplements to their diet. Oils offer a simple way to consume CBD and experience its many potential benefits. An increasing number of people are also looking to CBD topicals as a way to incorporate CBD into their everyday life.

While CBD topicals were once limited to body creams and patches, this is no longer the case. CBD brands are continuously developing innovative new ways to use and benefit from CBD in topical form.

One option that has become an almost instant hit is CBD bath bombs, offering a fun and therapeutic new way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

So, what exactly is a CBD bath bomb, and why should you give them a try?

What Is the Difference between Bath Bombs and Those Infused with CBD?

In many ways, CBD-infused bath bombs are just like regular bath bombs. Visually the two products are the same and tend to be available in a variety of bright colors and shapes.

Both types of bath bombs are used in the same way and are designed to be dropped into a bath of water, creating a slow fizz, infusing the water with its color and scent. Many CBD bath bombs also contain herbs, flower petals, and gems, just like regular bath bombs.

The main difference between CBD-infused bath bombs and traditional bath bombs is that the former contains CBD extract. Bath bombs also tend to be made using essential oils and herbs that pair well with the benefits of CBD.

Top Five Benefits of CBD Infused Bath Bombs

Being so similar to traditional bath bombs means that CBD bath bombs are able to provide many of the benefits that people have come to expect and love from bath bombs. The calming sensation of watching a bath bomb fizz and transform the water with a whole new color and aroma provides a level of relaxation that a normal bath simply cannot achieve.

These are not the only benefits, though; CBD bath bombs also offer many potential health effects that make CBD a popular supplement.

Here are five of the most common benefits that have made CBD bath bombs so popular.

1. Moisturize Skin

CBD bath bombs are a really great way to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Bath bombs often contain essential oils that are chosen for their moisturizing effects. Not only can these effects tackle dry and damaged skin but help maintain healthy skin too. 

Combining the essential oils found in bath bombs along with CBD provides even more noticeable levels of hydration that last longer.

2. Reduce Inflammation

One of the most common reasons for using CBD topicals is to treat surface-level inflammation within the body.

CBD bath bombs are ideal when treating more significant areas of inflammation as the CBD is able to come into contact with a much wider area of skin. For instance, creams and ointments, while effective, have to be applied manually to each area of skin.  

3. Relaxation

CBD is known for its relaxing effects and is commonly used for managing stress and anxiety. Pairing this with products like bath bombs, which are also known for encouraging feelings of calm, is a great way to further enhance the effects.

4. Pain Relief

CBD topicals are many people’s products of choice for naturally treating aches and pains across the body. CBD bath bombs make it easy to cover larger painful areas of the body with CBD while also soaking up the peace and tranquility that a bath has to offer.

5. Encourage Healing

CBD bath bombs are packed with cannabinoids and minerals that can encourage recovery within the body. Using CBD topicals may help the body to recover at the fastest rate than it normally would from minor injuries and illnesses.

How to Use CBD Infused Bath Bombs

One of the reasons that people are excited about CBD bath bombs is that they are straightforward to use and are considered to be one of the most enjoyable ways to use CBD.

Simply drop your chosen CBD bath bomb into a tub of water in the same way that you would with a regular bath bomb. Sit back as it slowly fizzes into the water, imparting not only its color and aroma but a healthy dose of CBD extract. All that is left to do is relax in the bath and allow the CBD water to come into contact with your skin.

Where to Find Bath Bombs Infused with CBD

Most larger CBD brands offer their own range of CBD bath bombs, with there being anywhere from three to ten different options available. Many cosmetic companies have also noticed the sudden demand for CBD bath bombs and are now offering them alongside their regular bath bombs.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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