Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business Growth

Social Media

By Vladimer Botsvadze

A plethora of businesses depend on social media for marketing because it is the best way to connect with customers and potential clients. Social media helps enterprises understand what consumers talk about their products. Outstanding corporations capitalize on social media platforms and use them to their advantage. Social media has come a long way and so many influencers have made a dent in their business journeys and reached their strides. These are hardworking individuals who have a way with content creation and they have skyrocketed their followings to the best of their abilities. In order to win in the long term, individuals get into full swing and strike while the iron is hot. Networking is the be-all and end-all nowadays because you can break new ground, get a head start on Twitter and a flying start to the rest of other channels. 

I’ve always been passionate about personal brand building, working 16 hours a day across 8-10 social media networks and hitting the ground running. The growth of social media has birthed many trailblazing influencers and one prominent success story is mine. I’m a self-starter and social media master. I’m a prestigious speaker who realized early on how fundamental social media is to business growth. I embody the perfect balance of working smart and hard and became a renowned figure in online circles as an influencer and thought leader. Advocating hard work and persistence, I’ve amassed a staggering following of 130,000. I’ve worked hard 16 hours a day on building my audiences. My desire to succeed has always moved me forward. After growing my personal brand, I embarked on a journey to become the voice and mentor for entrepreneurs. I love that quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson ‘’Don’t go where a path may lead, go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.’’ I think everyone should believe in themselves, choose positivity, and go the extra mile.  

Discipline is the key to success. Without it, success is impossible. Take pride in yourself, have a step-by-step plan of action, strive to be consistent, and encourage yourself to perform better. Identify where you can improve, minimize distractions, and fire on all cylinders. The biggest differentiator that sets your company apart from competitors is your commitment to long-term success. Long-term means 5-10 years for most businesses, but in my mind, it’s probably closer to 20-30 years. Make bold bets and have high standards to stay ahead of ever-increasing customer expectations. Double the experiments you do per year to maximize your success. Never use a one-size-fits-all decision-making process. 

Customers have moved online at an unprecedented rate. Marketing managers are discovering new ways to boost the performance of their digital marketing strategy. In a fast-paced world, consumer behaviors and needs are rapidly changing. To win in the digital age, you need an intrepid ambition and rock-solid execution. Put customers at the heart of an organization, become a market leader in the digital age by innovating faster, supercharge ROI, bring agility to uncertain times, discover every new trend before anyone else to make smarter decisions, power up your decision making, improve competitiveness and market positioning, outperform competition like a winning brand and maintain customer-centricity in ever-changing environments. 

In a rapidly changing technology landscape caused by disruption, you need to develop a skill to stay a step ahead. Active daily learning is the backbone of fast-tracking success for the best possible results. Web3 skyrockets in both relevance and resonance. My passion for digital transformation is a breath of fresh air for global brands, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Working at the epicentre of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses, I’m able to share my predictions for the future of marketing and I provide game-changing insights into the challenges of tomorrow as a keynote speaker. In a digital economy, where mobile, social, IoT, and AI are the bedrock of the competitive advantage, investing in digital transformation trends is of paramount importance. 

Success belongs to those who are willing to gain ground and go places. Constantly focus on self-development, which is the backbone of my success. Your performance improvement depends on your work ethic, efforts, persistence, and discipline. Always capitalize on your instincts and intuition that could be your secret weapons everywhere. Progress is all about moving forward, leaving no stone unturned, and surrounding yourself with smarter people. It costs nothing to create content at scale. My performance is as regular as clockwork, which means brands beat a path to my door picking my brain. In this day and age, things are looking up when you connect with your audiences across social media platforms. 

The ebb and flow of social media is miraculous, you have to constantly skyrocket your presence on every channel. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since what we studied at business schools. Marketing is evolving rapidly and it has become a 24/7/365 commitment. The cards are stacked in your favor when you reinvest every penny in your business. There is no time like the present to strike while the iron is hot. Social media opens floodgates to business owners to maximize their success. Every influencer is the architect of his/her social media tribe. 

Practical knowledge is the backbone of modern-day businesses. Good content creation is always better than a good advertisement. Everything is changing faster than what executives think. We are at full-scale web 2.0 and I believe you can reach any person in the world if your content creation is good enough. Change is constant and touches every area of our lives, so it’s imperative to be able to adapt.

About the Author

Vladimer BotsvadzeVladimer Botsvadze is a globally-renowned, multi-award-winning, digital transformation and social media influencer, Fortune 500 consultant, thought leader, futurist, professor, keynote speaker, startup advisor, C-suite mentor, and media personality, who has always been at the forefront of fast-paced industries. He has more than 15 years of international experience in marketing and innovation with a proven track record guiding executives and top brands worldwide to initiate change, drive growth, and position brands as market leaders in their industries. Vladimer has enjoyed an outstanding career at the top of the technology industry and is recognized as one of the brightest minds in digital transformation. With such a world-class career, he continues to play a pivotal role in maximizing top brands’ success. He has been described as ”the world’s best digital marketing consultant and speaker” and ”one step ahead of the rest of the world” by his global clients. 


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