Ways to Plan a Right Influencer Marketing Campaign

Are you annoyed because your influencer marketing campaigns seem to be failing?

Despite all of your input, the results you seek do not seem to materialize.

Perhaps there is something you’re missing out, in your marketing campaign?
In this post, you’d get to learn how to plan an influencer marketing campaign in the right way to get excellent results.


1. Have an Influencer Marketing Brand Brief.

Presumably, your brand seeks to add value to customers. Adding value requires that you work hand-in-hand with your chosen influencer, clearly stating how you want them to help build your brand. With influencer analytics, it can help you gauge an influencer’s reach and performance on social platforms. 

Your influencer marketing brand brief has to include the following:
● The key message(s) being passed across to your target audience
● Important dates to note, about the marketing campaign
● Your budgetary allowance (with this, you can decide the tier of influencer to approach)
● The right kind of content for the campaign
● Your target audience; in specifics (demographics such as age, sex, location, jobs should be clearly communicated). By talking about your target audience, you get more clarity on how specifically tailored your content should be.


2. State Clearly, your Campaign Goals and Key Performance Indicators

You need this to be crystal clear in your mind because it helps you quantify your campaign success.

In terms of audience engagement, comments, and feedback, what would you consider success- and what would you think to be short of success? Not knowing this makes you laid back and sort of negligent; and when any results come in, you’re satisfied. With campaign goals and Key Performer Indicators, you avoid getting into this rut.


3. Pick Out and Assess Potential Influencers

With tools such as IZEA Software for Influencers, you are able to find the right kind of influencers to work with. Once you then make a list of possible influencers for your brand, you can then evaluate each of them to discover the right fit for your marketing campaign. This evaluation is on the basis of the demographic influence of the influencer, past experience in your field and a particular affinity for your brand.


4. Spell out What You Need the Influencer to Produce- Content Wise

After you’ve chosen the influencer you feel can rightly represent your brand, you need to help them create succinct content by giving them information about your brand, and also, give guidelines and deadlines for content generation. In other words, let it be a disciplined process


5. Decide Who Really Owns the Content- the Influencer or You?

Ownership rights and exclusivity have to be tenderly yet firmly discussed. Whatever you both decide should then be included in the contract of agreement that’s drawn up.


6. Amplify Influencer Content Via Paid Media

As soon as the content has been produced, you’d have to keep checking the analytics to see how the content is faring. You can optimize your strategies via the use of paid media to boost your visibility.


7. Review Influencer Marketing Campaign Results and Learn from Them

An unbiased review of campaign results is then done and measured against the Key Performance Indicators and goals that were set for the campaign ab-initio. Lessons learned can help you convert low performing content into higher-performing ones. From the comments and other forms of audience engagement, you can learn what to tweak to make your brand one which is known for versatility on the market.



Planning successful Influencer marketing campaigns do not require ‘drops of blood’ from you, only adequate planning and strategizing.

With the right strategy or plan, you set your brand up to become a key player in your industry and not just that, a key performer too!



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