Useful Tips to Hide Your Sales Pitch in Your Content


By Hailey Savona

Marketing professionals always stay confused thinking about their pitches for product sales. It is the basic thing that allows them to get in contact with the people. The usage of strong content plays a vital role in this regard. It ensures to make a sales pitch engaging, enabling people to show interest in the prospect given to them. 

But, sometimes, people do not like to hear or see direct sales pitches at all. They become annoyed with the fact that every content pushed towards them has some sort of pitch included in between the words. This often irritates them so much, forcing them to either ignore or totally quit their relations with the marketing professionals.

Now, this is certainly a big problem for the marketers who are continuously looking to build good relations with these potential clients. They know that their content could not carry any traditional pitch, but still, it should have some sort of direct response copywriting style that can engage people to buy their products. 

So, how it could be done by balancing both of them?

Well, the answer is to hide your sales pitch within the content. It should be written in a manner that does not look like a direct sales pitch. This looks confusing to most people, but we will try to explain this technique in a logical manner below. Let’s take a look at some of the useful tips to hide your sales pitch in the content effectively.

Smart Tips to Hide Your Sales Pitch Within the Content

A lot of marketers often ask how to write content that should not look sales-oriented, but offers the same intent to the clients. It is certainly not difficult to write this one if you have got the right knowledge about customer behavior.

Here are some tips that will help you to create content without having any sales pitch. It will rather have a tone that will encourage clients to show interest in the products and get attracted towards them instantly. 

Address Your Customers Problem

The best way to attract any customer towards your offering is by addressing his/her core problems. This is a proven technique that works very well for a hidden sales pitch. People are generally quite sensitive with their issues. Hence, whenever they come across any content that highlights their problems precisely, they usually tend to read or listen to it carefully. It grabs their attention at the first glance, allowing the content to indirectly work as a sales pitch. 

Ideally, this should be done at the start of the content. It helps to grab the attention of the customers right from the start. Though you can also add more engaging facts and figures in the middle of the content, as it will also build your case more strongly. Just remember to not plainly offer your solution right after addressing the problem, as it could also give them a little hint of being too direct. 

Discuss Your Products’ Real World Benefits

It is best advised to make your prospects do the talking rather than plainly pitching it to the customers. People generally want to know the benefits of the products before taking any final call on them. If you will try to sell them aggressively without discussing their benefits for the customers, no one will certainly show any interest in them. 

The best way to bring their attention to your products is by describing its real world benefits to them. It will automatically turn into a hidden sales pitch once people will start to show interest in knowing more about the products. You can then add a bit of excitement in this process by defining the affordability of the product, as how it fits perfect for all types of customers.

Be Authentic with Your Claims

While selling or marketing any type of product, always remember to be authentic and real in front of the customers. It is termed to be the main ingredient of trust that allows your content to become engaging for the readers. If you will try to scam them by writing something incorrectly, your sales pitch will certainly turn into a nightmare no matter how secretively you’ve written it. 

Nowadays, people have become very smart in analyzing the balance between true and false. It is therefore advised to go with the authentic claims rather than writing any fabricated thing. If you will pitch the content with perfect authentic facts, then it will certainly get everyone’s attention right on its core offerings.

Define Edge Over Competitors

Another great way to attract customers towards your business is by defining its edge over your competitors. Nowadays, people like to compare the quality of products before purchasing them from any company. They want to make sure whether it is offered to them with the right pricing or not, and how it is better from other products offered by similar companies in the market.

You can certainly make the hidden sales pitch better in this regard by discussing the additional qualities of your product over its competitors. Ideally, it should be detailed, so that people can get a good idea about your product. Those content pieces that are written comprehensively always grab more attention from the people. They show more interest in knowing about the product benefits briefly, as to how it outclasses other similar offerings in the industry. 

Final Words 

That takes us to the end of this article in which we have discussed some useful tips about hiding any sales pitch in the content. As a marketer, it is quite important for you to master this art. It will allow you to promote the products without being too pushy, so that people cannot get irritated with your offerings. Additionally, these techniques will also give your content an organic look, allowing people to understand your product viewpoint better.

About the Author

Hailey Savona is a content consultant at leading content writing agency eContentSol. She has vast experience in providing web copywriting services and content strategies. Besides this, she enjoys an occasional steak dinner.


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