Unpacking the ‘Big Data’ Skill Set: It’s not Just – or Even Mostly – About the Data

By Mihnea Moldoveanu

Big Data presents challenges and opportunities that need a new set of skills. Current formulations of the Big Data skill set are reductive and restrictive, and programmes set up to hastily address the very real labour market shortage have fallen short of delivering on the promise. Below, Mihnea Moldoveanu demonstrates that a comprehensive re-conceptualisation of the Big Data skill set is required to redress the wave of disappointed expectations at the ways in which selection and skill development programmes have approached this new – and very much alive – opportunity and challenge.


Big Data – we are told – represents the business opportunity and challenge of the decade. The opportunity is that of using the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day – 90 percent of which has been generated during the last eight quarters – in order to make more informed and responsive business decisions on the basis of solving the problems the world throws up more accurately, reliably and efficiently. The challenge – we are also told – is to tame the volume and variety of the data with the right velocity to produce timely inferences and insights.

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