U.S Accommodation Guide for Students

Student Accommodation

After you’ve decided which college you’d like to attend in the United States, you’ll need to make another deliberate choice: where to reside.

It may be difficult to find great student accommodation in a new city, let alone a new nation.

You want to be certain that not only have you chosen the ideal spot but also that the cost is within your range.

Maybe you want to stay with other foreign students, or perhaps you’d like to learn about local culture and practice your English with American students – the option is all yours.

The variety of accommodations and obviously, your finances play a role in determining which type of room would work best for you.


University residences, often known as ‘dorms,’ are the most sensible approach to your residence needs.

Students can reserve housing through their university’s website and provide their selections.

These dormitories are often inhabited by college students and have basic facilities like running water, internet, power, and food.

Rooms are usually split by a group of two to three pupils, however, some institutions provide private rooms.

The majority of first-year students select on-campus living because it allows them to interact with peers from all perspectives and experiences, the well-known American college lifestyle. One such popular dorm which is known for its diversity is  from the University of Chicago.


campus accommodationOff-campus flats are available to students who do not desire to live in dormitories.

Students who want to live cooperatively with other learners but with fewer limitations than college dorms might consider shared flats.

While you have your bedroom, you will share the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway with your housemates.

According to their budget and interests, students can select from a range of residential flats. If your budget permits, you can use amenities such as a swimming pool and cafés.

The majority of private housing facilities are located off-campus. This allows students to develop different environments and gain a clear understanding of the culture and history of their college town/city.

Remember to avoid renting a house that is too far away from your institution.

Many institutions like New York University appoint a liaison person to assist international individuals with guidance about off-campus housing. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your accommodation, you should contact the institution first.

If it doesn’t work out, you may look for several housing firms on the internet.

College websites may include connections to housing services that you can contact.



Homestay is a less common type of housing accessible to foreign students studying abroad.

This program matches you with a local American host family with whom you may stay.

Food and electricity will be provided as part of your rent. Students who select this type of housing have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the American lifestyle and culture while also finding a second home.

Tips before choosing your stay


Use Google Maps and Street View to familiarise yourself with the region before reserving your new accommodation in the United States.

Find out what eateries, facilities, student hangouts, and other activities are available in the neighborhood and see whether it meets your needs.

It’s also a good idea to conduct an internet search to ensure that the location you’re considering is both student-friendly and secure.

Your college ought to be able to assist you with this as well. If you plan to go about it, be certain you have connections to transportation.


Student accommodation is the most expensive aspect of university life. Making the correct selection is crucial, whether you want to save money on rent by living outside of the city center or pay some more for a personal, ensuite apartment.

The cheapest rooms are those in university dorms, but what you spare in rent you may compensate for lost privacy.

Catered accommodation is an excellent way to save money because meals are supplied.

Sharing a house with other students is common in the United States whether its student housing in Austin or student housing in Dallas, so don’t be concerned if that’s what it requires to locate a decent room inside your budget.


In places where off-campus housing is scarce, finding an apartment might be difficult.

Landlords in the United States might be picky about the documentation you submit with your rental contract.

The following is a list of papers that they prefer to see:

  • Credit Report – A credit report is a standardized report on your creditworthiness given by credit bureaus.

As an international student, you might not have any. Request a co-signer from a family member or sibling who is already in the region.

  • Documentation- Your admission letter, passport copy, bank statements, and prior tax returns from your home country may all be requested.
  • Have evidence that you will be able to pay your rent for the duration of the lease.


When it comes to international student housing, there are many alternatives to explore, as well as a series of factors and inspections to go through before making your decision, which is sure to be largely subject to personal taste.

As a result, it’s critical to recognize right away that this is a big decision. Your student housing will be a place for you to rest, study, and, most significantly, make friends with locals and other students.

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