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TradeZella is marketed as an all-encompassing trading journal and analytics tool designed to aid traders in identifying their strengths and weaknesses to become more profitable. The platform emphasizes the power of journaling and analytics to help traders avoid repeating mistakes and to create winning trading strategies. It offers features for tracking trades, in-depth analytics, reporting, and educational resources among others​. Dive into this TradeZella review and discover what this platform has to offer.

What Is TradeZella?

TradeZella is a comprehensive trading journal and analytics platform aimed at assisting traders in honing their strategies to become more profitable. Through a range of features including trade tracking, in-depth analytics, and reporting, it provides insights into a trader’s performance, helping identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Moreover, TradeZella offers educational resources to further bolster a trader’s knowledge and skills. The platform emphasizes the importance of journaling and data-driven decision-making in achieving trading success, and is designed to provide a holistic environment for analyzing, learning, and improving trading practices​.

TradeZella Features

The platform boasts a range of features aimed at enhancing a trader’s performance and learning. The features include advanced trade tracking, real-time analysis, in-depth reporting, and a plethora of resources for learning and improving trading skills. TradeZella also offers a unique replay feature that enables traders to replay their trades and understand their execution flaws better. The tool is designed to provide a comprehensive environment for trading analysis and improvement with features such as powerful journaling, advanced analytics, reporting, trade replay, and learning resources all housed in a single platform.

TradeZella Pricing

TradeZella offers two pricing plans: a monthly plan at $49 per month and a yearly plan at $399 per year, which equates to $33 per month. Both plans include access to the Trading Journal, Detailed Reporting, 24/7 Customer Support, Multi Markets, Education, and Community features. This pricing model appears to be straightforward, and the yearly plan offers a 32% discount compared to the monthly plan. Additionally, under the “Everything you need to start trading better” section, there are features like Unlimited Trade Imports, ability to manage multiple Trading Accounts, and visual tools like Calendar View, Table View, and Dynamic Charts among others that could be beneficial for serious traders​.

TradeZella, Edgewonk, and TraderSynce: Which Is Better?

TradeZella, Edgewonk, and TraderSync are notable platforms in the realm of the best trading journals, each with unique features tailored to meet the varying needs of traders. Here’s a comparative review based on gathered information:


Pricing: $49 per month or $399 annually.


  • Seamless and intuitive platform.
  • Detailed reports and customizable insights.
  • Cloud-based software enabling daily accessibility.
  • Wide range of tools including analytics, replay, and education.
  • Automated journaling feature.


  • Learning curve for those new to trading software.
  • Requires consistent journaling for optimal results​.


Pricing: $169 per year.


  • Fully customizable with extensive features.
  • Features include a trade simulator, equity graph, trade planner, and customizable trading journal.
  • Flat fee pricing model.


  • No free trial offered​.


Pricing: Ranges from $0 to $79.95 per month.


  • Automatically imports trade data and supports multiple asset types.
  • Offers AI insights.
  • Particularly beneficial for active traders with features for efficient tracking and analysis of trading patterns and performance.


  • The free plan is deemed essentially useless.
  • The basic plan only tracks one account and there are no refunds offered​.

When compared, Edgewonk and TraderSync offer lower pricing tiers than TradeZella, but Tradezella is a competitive option when its full suite of features are considered. All three are solid trading tools used by both beginner and experienced traders.

Final Verdict: Tradezella Review

Summing up this Tradezella review, this company emerges as a substantial platform for traders aiming to refine their strategies through meticulous analysis and education. Its plethora of features including advanced trade tracking, comprehensive analytics, and robust reporting mechanisms, furnish traders with a granular understanding of their performance, aiding in the unearthing of both strengths and areas for improvement. The platform’s emphasis on the pivotal role of journaling and data-driven decision-making in trading success is palpable, offering a holistic environment for continuous learning and improvement. 

While its pricing is on the higher side compared to Edgewonk and TraderSync, the range and quality of features provided, alongside the educational resources, justify the investment for serious traders seeking an all-encompassing solution. The unique replay feature stands out, allowing traders to scrutinize their trades and amend execution flaws, which could be instrumental in enhancing profitability over time. 

The comparative analysis suggests that while each platform has its merits, TradeZella’s comprehensive toolset coupled with its user-friendly interface makes it a competitive choice for traders who are keen on investing in a platform that not only tracks and analyzes, but educates and provides a community for engagement and growth. Try out this platform today and set up your trading game for big profits.

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