Pay Attention to Trends if You Want to be Popular on TikTok


TikTok is organized in such a way that firstly, the videos that have been classified as trends get recommended to users. They are determined by the algorithms and administration of the platform, taking into account their popularity. The videos that are most viewed get into the trends. Usually, TikTok users, having watched trending clips, start looking for similar ones using hashtags or a search field. 

Also, a more interesting video that will increase your number of views will help you create the right editor: And a high number of views will raise the clip’s position in ranking — it will be recommended much more often. So, where to look for trends? 

Subscribe to bloggers with millions of views 

They typically use the best TikTok editing app and launch new trends, always adding relevant sounds. By subscribing to them, you will be the first to know about it. 

Recommendations from friends 

Look at the videos your friends send you, not from the point of view of their preferences, but with the thought that this video is viral, so you should use techniques like in this video. As a rule, 70% of the videos sent to you are trending. 


When choosing music for your video, use TikTok video editor or study the “on-trend” tab. Even if you use the original voiceover, add sound and set the volume to zero. Then you will gain more views.

Predicting and anticipating future TikTok trends

It’s important for a marketer or content creator to select the right TikTok editing app and stay on top of TikTok trends to stay relevant and maximize your impact. 

  • Data-driven analysis. Start by analyzing user behavior patterns. Look at metrics like video views, likes, reposts, and comments. Determining which edit TikTok video methods and content types are helping to gain traction.
  • Hashtag trends. They often point to emerging topics or issues. Use tools like the Discover TikTok page or third-party analytics platforms to track popular hashtags.
  • Watch for collaboration between authors. When influencers come together, they typically present new trends or issues.
  • Geographic information. Trends can vary by region. Understand what is popular in different countries or cities.

Some topics require quite a bit of effort, such as cosplay, sports stunts, videos that show the process and results of work or creativity. But sometimes it’s enough to make a short video using a popular mask or a spectacular hair wave, as your video will manage to accumulate a crazy number of views.


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