Top 8 Tools for Instagram Marketing: Beginners and Professionals

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Instagram marketing has become more complicated than ever. Third of the entire population is on Instagram with more than 64 million influencer accounts on the platform. The competition is very high and it keeps on growing. 

The methods for Instagram marketing have changed, too. In the past, influencers relied on traffic from other platforms such as YouTube. Nowadays, however, numerous tools and methodologies allow people to gain popularity on Instagram much faster than before. 

This article can help different types of individuals and professionals working on Instagram. We present you with 8 tools for Instagram marketing that the following groups of people can benefit from:

  • Beginner marketers who need guidance on how to start with Instagram marketing
  • Professional marketers who are looking for new and effective Instagram marketing tools 
  • Influencers who want to increase their audience reach
  • Individuals who want to become influencers on Instagram

Best Tools for Instagram Marketing

A number of factors determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. Marketers pay attention to many different components such as price, features, customer reviews, customer service, etc. The research on such tools takes a lot of time and effort, it involves comparing platforms and tools against each other, finding and reading the reviews from past users, researching individual platforms, etc. 

We save you time, as our experts already did the research and found 8 best tools for Instagram marketing. 

1. Mixx

Mixx is our top choice for many different reasons. First is that they made affordability their primary focus – Mixx wants anyone to be able to use their tools for Instagram growth. The second reason is that Mixx has an advanced technology that manages to provide premium quality Instagram followers who are not just numbers on your Instagram profile – these are the people who like your content and have similar interests as you. 

2. SocialGreg

SocialGreg was born for media boosting. Whether you are looking for Instagram marketing or growing on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, the platform can cover your needs and business demands. Nearly a hundred services are available for new and existing users that range from likes and follows to views and comments. You can test their services beforehand: get free likes on Instagram and examine the quality of the accounts that you receive. SocialGreg is a bit more expensive than other platforms in the listing with the package prices starting at $0.12 (per 10 followers). 

3. SocialWick

What Instagrammers love about SocialWick is its cheap rates with premium quality. If you buy 10 followers with SocialWick you spend only $10. The platform also lets you choose as many followers per package as you like with a maximum amount going up to half a million. If you order 500,000 followers you have to pay less than $5,000. You can customize not only the follower count but also the demographic details of your followers. Contact SocialWick customer service to find the options that let you choose specific locations or target audience interests for your future followers. 

4. Twicsy 

Twicsy is a favorite platform for Reddit and Quora communities. You will see a lot of appreciation posts and comments about Twicsy growth services on different forums. The reason is that the marketplace has a long history and reputation as one of the most reliable and quality tools for Instagram marketing. Recently, the platform also added Threads packages and services with similar features such as follows, likes, shares, and comments. The pricing varies on Twicsy according to the service and the package size. For example, the price for regular 500 followers is $11.99, while active followers cost $26.99. 

5. Buzzoid

Buzzoid first became popular when its copycat websites appeared on the internet. The customers of original were so satisfied that other marketers decided to use its brand name. The platform is very userfriendly and concentrates on Instagram services solely. You can expect to find Instagram views, comments, shares, saves, and many other services together with Instagram followers. Buzzoid is one of the best tools ro Instagram marketing with prices starting at $2.97 for 100 followers and going up to $99.99 for 20,000 followers. Similar to Twicsy you have three options for Insta followers: high-quality followers, active, and celebrity/influencer package. 

6. QQTube

QQtube is a very unique marketplace where different growth and Instagram marketing services are posted on a regular basis. You can observe the reviews in real time from people like you who buy the existing services and then leave their feedback. This is the place where you can find the most affordable follower options that often cost around $3.00 per 1,000 followers. All existing packages on the website have a feature allowing you to try their service for free – you get around 10 to 25 free followers on your Instagrma account. The speed of these services is also surprisingly efficient – you get at least 1000 followers a day. 

7. Famoid

Famoid has a very distinguished strategy for Instagram marketing – ad-based growth. The ad-based growth is a very targeted solution to find people that resemble your existing audience – people who share the similar interests, preferences, and past interaction history with other Instagram accounts. That is why often very specific-niche influencers will choose Famoid over other competing companies. Famoid offers two solutions: pre-made packages with 100 to 15,00 followers (price ranges from $3.95 to $199.95) and managed growth solutions. The managed growth gets you specific amount of followers every day for 30 consecutive days. 

8. Media Mister

Media Mister is a relatively old platform that achieved growth in a very short period of time. It now revolves around all major social media platforms including Pinterest, Spotfiy, TikTok, Clubhouse and more. The reviews from past customers indicate that Media Mister keeps its promise and delivers quality Instagram marketing services. The platform lets you quickly choose a target country where you want to get followers from, as well as the gender of the follower profiles.  The prices at Media Mister can range from $6.00 to $2000 on target countries, and worldwide options from $2.00 per 50 followers to $9999.00 for a million followers. 


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