Top Executive Education Courses Coming Out This 2024


As we near the curtails of 2023, businesses across the globe are set to encounter a dynamic and ever-changing landscape in 2024.  


As we enter 2024 in a few months, the ever-evolving demands of the corporate world require top executives to expand their knowledge and refine their skills continually. To meet this demand, top executive education programs worldwide are gearing up to provide innovative and transformative experiences for leaders across industries.

The executive education landscape in 2024 is rich with promise, offering a diverse range of programs designed to meet the unique challenges of our time. The courses highlighted here are just a glimpse into the opportunities awaiting executives eager to strengthen their expertise and remain industry leaders. This is a thrilling era for executive education, as these programs signify a commitment to empowering leaders with the knowledge and abilities needed to navigate tomorrow’s complexities with confidence and astuteness.

These courses will equip executives with the tools and insights they need to navigate the complexities of our rapidly changing global economy, from artificial intelligence and sustainability to executive leadership and board management. 

1. Enhancing Customer Centricity and the Customer Voice, Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School’s Post-graduate Award “Enhancing Customer Centricity and the Customer Voice” focuses on exploring theories and concepts essential for establishing a customer-centric culture within your organisation. This four-day program equips participants not only with the necessary tools to cultivate such a culture but also addresses strategies to navigate and resolve resistance encountered in the process. It also facilitates the development of skills crucial for managing customer experience, imparting knowledge on enhancing customer journey and designing improved customer experiences.

2. Design Thinking and Corporate Change, ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin’s Design Thinking programme is one of the world‘s most popular methods of establishing a dynamic, customer-focused and goal-oriented innovation culture within the organisation – for start-ups, SMEs and large corporations alike. With the methods of the Design Thinking approach, ideas can be improved within the entire corporate value chain, from internal process optimisation and digitalisation to customer contact in both the B2B and B2C areas. However, even the most promising innovations often fail due to internal organisational resistance. Successful implementation requires a strategy that takes organisational complexity and power relations into account, a careful analysis of key stakeholders and their interests, as well as communication skills.

3. Global Supply Chain Management, KEDGE Business School

KEDGE Business School’s Global Supply Chain Management programme prepares students to meet the challenges of a new era in business management. Successful managers take a holistic approach to analysing performance and know how to build a supply chain architecture for global business networks. The Global Supply Chain Management programme can help you acquire these global skills that are essential to the proper management of supply chains on both a national and international scale. You’ll develop a sharp eye and in-depth knowledge of your working environment. Thanks to their global perspective of the business, supply chain managers are in a position to manage an international company and define its strategy.

4. Sourcing: Vested Outsourcing, HASLAM College of Business

HASLAM College of Business’ Sourcing: Vested Outsourcing programme is designed as an overview for both corporations and service providers who are trying to move beyond conventional approaches to business relationships. This program provides a balance of theory and application, leaving participants with a solid understanding of what the Vested approach is and how to apply it to their business. In-depth case studies and breakout sessions give teams ample time to apply the concepts learned to their own situations. Participants will be able to understand the fundamental business model differences between traditional approaches to business relationships and Vested relationships, and develop an appreciation for the power of having a Vested mindset and learn how progressive companies have adopted these concepts to create win-win relationships.

5. Non-Executive Director, University of Bath

Through the Non-Executive Director program of the University of Bath, you can learn what it takes to be a successful and sought-after non-executive director (NED). This interactive programme will provide participants with a practical understanding of the role of a non-executive director. Focusing on the responsibilities, challenges and behaviours needed, those participating will enhance their skills and learn how to be a successful NED. The programme will also provide support on how to find and secure a NED position. With input from existing CEOs, NEDs and chairs from various organisations, the approach is interactive and practical.

6. Innovative Brand and Digital Marketing Strategies: Insights from the Luxury Industry, ESSEC Business School

During 6 weeks of deep exploration of key insights from the luxury industry, participants of ESSEC Business School’s Innovative Brand and Digital Marketing Strategies: Insights from the Luxury Industry will grow their skills in brand and digital marketing strategies and learn how to establish strong brand position focusing on innovation and a strong customer-centric approach supported by digital. By exploring key insights from the luxury industry, you will grow your skills in brand and digital marketing strategies and learn how to establish a strong brand position focusing on innovation and a strong customer-centric approach supported by digital. The luxury sector is smart about digital, and students will be taught by ESSEC digital marketing academic experts and highly qualified marketing executives with expertise in European and Asian markets.

7. Climate Change and Sustainability: Leveraging Carbon Market Initiatives for Business, NUS Business School

Sustainability and climate change are now issues that are moving beyond corporate lip service into real-world business costs, challenges, and opportunities. NUS Business School’s Climate Change and Sustainability: Leveraging the Carbon Market Initiatives for Business programme breaks down the issues and will help participants to understand and take advantage of climate change opportunities today and in the near future.

8. Managing An Intercultural and Intergenerational team, SKEMA Business School

​For interculturality to be a driver of success, managers must take into account the cultural and generational differences that exist within their teams. They must adapt their management according to these. SKEMA Business School’s Managing An Intercultural and Intergenerational Team will give you a good grasp of the characteristics and influence of the cultures and generations within a company and of the challenges they present. This hands-on training teaches the approaches and methods for managing the barriers and opportunities managers face when working in an intercultural and intergenerational environment.

9. Behavioral Economics: Nudging to Shape Decisions, Chicago Booth Business School

Organisations around the globe are increasingly using “nudge thinking” to help people make more efficient decisions. Through a highly interactive learning environment, Chicago Booth Business School’s Behavioral Economics: Nudging to Shape Decisions programme will teach participants how to use data intelligence to predict outcomes better and practically apply behavioural insights to their organisation. They will discover the benefits of a well-designed choice architecture structure and explore the role biases, fallacies, and heuristics play in decision-making. This program can be applied to any industry, including healthcare, utilities, insurance, banking, retail, manufacturing, nonprofit, and government agencies.

10. Executive Master Chief Value Officer, Audencia

Audencia’s Executive Master Chief Value Officer program is the first Chief Value Officer programme in the world. As a pioneering program, it is dedicated to transforming the measurement, control and audit sectors in the multi-capital world. It provides candidates with the opportunity to develop their skillset in integrated thinking, value creation, responsible strategic leadership and international contexts. Through this program, you can position yourself as a key player in your organisation and acquire the capacity to measure and communicate the value-creation process. Participants will also be able to understand and anticipate the financial, environmental and social implications of their decisions while becoming the change navigator and supporting the evolution of their company’s business model thanks to an integrated and multi-capital vision. 


As we close the chapter on 2023, it becomes abundantly clear that the business world is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The dynamic nature of today’s corporate landscape requires leaders to be agile, innovative, and continuously informed. These executive education courses are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of leadership, equipping executives with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

In 2024, the world of executive education stands at the crossroads of innovation and excellence, with programs that are as diverse as the challenges they seek to address. The courses we’ve discussed are just a glimpse into the vast opportunities available to executives looking to enhance their abilities and stay at the forefront of their industries. It is an exciting time for executive education, and these programs represent a commitment to empowering leaders to navigate the complexities of tomorrow with confidence and insight. So, whether you’re an established executive or an aspiring one, the executive education courses of 2024 offer the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving business world.

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