Tips to Set Up an Efficient and Inexpensive Home Office


If you have finally decided that working from home is your best option, your next step would be to ensure that you find a private space or room to set up your home office. While working from home may seem to be a dream come true for many, it still has some challenges that you need to overcome. One of these is keeping yourself free from distractions. Family members, pets, and chores are all a part of the home environment, and they can disrupt work and limit productivity. The solution is to set up a home office where you can have the privacy to deal with your tasks and accomplish them according to schedule. Still, you may imagine needing to invest a lot of money to have a fully-equipped working space at home.

Setting up a home office does not have to be expensive. It does require space that is hardly if ever, used to ensure that you can maintain your privacy. Below are tips for setting up an efficient home office inexpensively.

Set a budget for essential office supplies and furniture

You may have to set aside a budget for essential office items you need to accomplish your tasks. You can always find an office stationery and furniture supplier that offers office supplies and furniture at excellent prices without sacrificing quality.

Utilize what you already have

An inexpensive way of setting up a home office is to make use of items you already have. For example, an old bookcase can work as storage for office essentials. If you have the space, you can include a comfy couch that is not often used. Decorative pieces, artwork, and other items can be used to enhance your home office and provide it with a welcoming atmosphere. An old kitchen table in the attic can be refurbished and hold office equipment such as your printer and fax machine. However, avoid overcrowding your office space with too many things that can make it look and feel cramped. Your office desk and chair are the essentials, together with storage areas for other essential office items and documents.

Find out if your employer can help you

If you are working for a company, you can ask your employer to extend some help with your office equipment and other essentials. You may not even have to spend on equipment because your employer could provide you with items such as a laptop that you can use for work at home. Inquire about what your company can offer you to reduce your expenses since you work remotely.


Your home office can only be efficient if you keep it organized. To save space, consider hanging shelves and wall cabinets. You can set documents, books and other office items you need on hand there. Again, you can use your creativity and use what you have at home for your wall shelves. Try your hand at doing things yourself and save money from hiring the services of others to work on your home office.

The last thing to remember is to remind family members that this is your personal space. You should let them know your schedule, so they do not disturb you during working hours. There is plenty enough time to spend quality bonding time with them since you no longer have to travel to and from home.


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