TheCoinTrust Review – A Brokerage Account for Retail Traders


The TheCoinTrust brokerage is designed to cater to the needs of retail traders. The platform realizes that retail traders make up a significant portion of trades today and need brokerages that will give them access to markets. This is why TheCoinTrust has created a retail-friendly platform that will allow more individuals to create and grow their portfolios. The platform allows users to analyze their trades, open accounts with $0, and purchase numerous assets.

In this TheCoinTrust review, we examine the various parts of the platform and how it helps retail traders like you build strong portfolios. We hope this review sheds enough light on the platform so that you can make informed decisions about it. Want to know more about the TheCoinTrust brokerage? Read on for our detailed review.


Portfolio Analysis Tools

The platform provides portfolio analysis tools for its users. These tools allow traders to evaluate the value of their portfolios and the assets within them. It is important for traders to know how they are doing in the markets as it helps them understand if they are doing well or performing poorly. With the data from the analysis, users can see their best-performing assets and worst-performing assets. This data also allows traders to make decisions such as changing their trading strategies and rebalancing their portfolios. TheCoinTrust has provided this tool to help retail traders better control their portfolios.

Zero Opening Balance

New users can open an account with $0 as the brokerage does not require users to open accounts with a minimum balance. Unlike some brokers that require a minimum balance to open an account, the platform eliminates this requirement so that more retail traders can enter the scene. Furthermore, users can deposit and withdraw all their funds at any time. Additionally, removing this requirement allows traders to browse the platform without committing any money. The minimum balance requirement is a big barrier for most retail traders, and TheCoinTrust has eliminated this to allow more beginner traders a chance in the markets. 

Superb Customer Service

As a trader using a brokerage platform, you need swift customer service that can render assistance when you are in a bind. This is why TheCoinTrust has created this platform section to allow users to get speedy resolutions to their problems. The customer service desk can be reached via mail or by calling the number available on the website. They are always available 24/7 and are prompt to respond to inquiries. TheCoinTrust is dedicated to ensuring its traders have a smooth experience when they trade and build their portfolios on the platform.

Diverse Assets for Purchase

Users can purchase various assets on the platform, including CFDs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and options. These assets are available to all accounts, and users can use the tools available to trade these assets and different markets. The assets available on the platform ensure that users can build solid portfolios that are hedged against market shocks. Additionally, through fractional unit purchasing, users can buy small pieces of a larger asset, which favors users with small budgets. In all, TheCoinTrust has provided a vast array of assets that give traders options to build their portfolios.

Seamless Mobile Apps

The TheCoinTrust brokerage has a seamless app that allows users to access their accounts wherever they are. The app allows users to  view their balances, place trades, deposit/withdraw funds, view charts, and place trades. It is fully integrated with the brokerage and puts its services in the palm of its users. This makes it easier for traders to make decisions while they are engaged in other activities. It also keeps users connected to the markets even when they are away from their computers. The app is fully secure, and users can activate various security measures to improve the security of the app. 


The platform has many perks which make it desirable to retail traders. They have a smooth mobile app, responsive customer service, and a diverse list of assets available for purchase. Go to the TheCoinTrust website for more details on the brokerage.

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