The Five Main Health Improvements of Marijuana

Health Improvements of Marijuana

The main reason for marijuana legalization is the health benefits it provides users. There have been reports about the benefits of the plant killing cancer cells. Conclusions from a wide range of studies show marijuana provides incredible medical improvements, which are hard to ignore.

Society is embracing marijuana use due to these life-changing medical benefits. The number of growers and processors has increased just as cannabis outlets are continuously increasing. The plant has many benefits, but these main health improvements are worthy to note. 

The fight against cancer

Cancer is a pandemic that is affecting the entire world. Millions of new cases are recorded each year, and total deaths continue to rise. The leading cancer problems are breast cancer, followed by lung cancer, colon, prostate, skin, and stomach cancer. Treatment is costly and involves a combination of several strategies, like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. 

Researchers have been busy seeking better treatment methods that ensure patients get total healing and live longer. Breakthrough began to be recorded after the CBD and THC were found in marijuana. These properties kill cancer cells and shrink blood vessels to suppress the supply of tumors. The next time you order weed online, know that you are participating in the prevention of cancer. 

The war against inflammation

A report by the World Health Organization shows that chronic inflammatory disease is a top cause of death globally. In normal circumstances, inflammation benefits the body. The body uses it as a defense mechanism after infection or injury. Unfortunately, the condition changes when inflammation continues for a prolonged time. It begins to negatively affect body tissues and often leads to death. 

Some forms of inflammation are hard to treat because they fail to respond to medication. There has been excellent improvement in research recently after researchers reported that specific doses of marijuana could help manage inflammation. This is good news for people suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Consuming canabis shake might give you the relief you need from your pain. 

Health Improvements of Marijuana

Better tobacco alternative

A report by the CDC shows tobacco is the top cause of death in the world. It causes a high number of diseases which include cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, and TB. It is harder to treat diseases caused by tobacco use because they are often discovered when it is too late. On average, each cigarette contains about 10 mg to 12 mg of nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. 

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the use of marijuana does not have many negative effects on your lungs. It has expectorant properties, which cause thinning of the lung mucus lining and thus help you breathe better. Unless consumed in bigger proportions, cannabis helps improve lung function and is a better alternative to tobacco products. This is a huge breakthrough from researchers. 

Breakthrough in seizure management

Seizures are life-threatening, and the condition is hard to cure. A report from Epilepsy Foundation says that any type of seizure that lasts above five minutes warrants a medical emergency. Recurring seizures can cause death or permanent injury. Patients learn to manage the disease through various medications. 

There is a breakthrough finally after experts discovered that CBD could help limit seizures happening too often. It modifies receptors found in the endocannabinoid system and thus reduces neuron excitability. The patient experiences reduced seizure frequencies, and some rarely experience them after they start using CBD. Individuals suffering from Dravet Syndrome are benefiting more. Further research is underway to help manage epileptic conditions better. 

Breakthrough in weight management

Obesity is a serious issue in the world that is affecting about 2 billion people currently. Unlike in the past, there are more records of obese children today which is giving medical experts a harder time. Obesity is the genesis of many other conditions, such as diabetes and heart attack. 

Researchers have been focusing on ways to help reduce or prevent obesity. Thankfully, the breakthrough was discovered in marijuana. The Journal of Epidemiology published a report that shows marijuana users record a 37% reduced risk of obesity. The products help increase the burning of fat and sugars, which are the main reasons why people add weight fast. 

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