The Advantages of Excellent Packaging In E-Commerce 


There’s more to packaging for e-commerce than meeting a retailer’s technical requirements. Because customers are doing more shopping online, brands have fewer opportunities to connect with their audience. Because of this, the packaging that brands utilize is a key element of marketing. 

When you use memorable packaging, you can earn the loyalty of customers. It’s likely that your customers receive many packaging. If the unboxing experience you offer stands out, you’ll have an edge over the competition. Custom elements, unexpected additions, and special touches can help your brand to attract an audience. First-time customers will have a reason to buy from your brand again in the future. 

The Top Five Tips for E-Commerce Packaging 

In the world of e-commerce, there are endless ways to make sure that your packaging stands out. You can create custom cards to place in your packages or look into boutique packaging solution. The choice is yours. 

1. Convey Your Brand’s Messaging Through Your Packaging 

Packaging is more than a way to ship your items. It can be a way to share your brand’s values. Come up with a packaging solution that tells your brand’s story. 

2. Use Branding In Unusual Ways 

Don’t focus all your attention on the box. You can use branding on many elements, including tissue paper, insert cards, and even packaging tape! If you can’t afford to brand every element of your packaging, choose the best details to customize. Use your budget effectively and make sure that your packaging stands out. 

3. Prioritize Sustainability 

Customers are drawn to companies that use sustainable packaging. If you have the option of using environmentally friendly packaging, you should take it. There are many options available, including using recycled materials or even bioplastics. Let your customers know what you’re doing to protect the environment. Buy used boxes at The Gaylord Box Exchange.

If you’re selling expensive products, you may want to invest in beautiful packaging that customers can reuse. The better your packaging looks, the less likely it is that customers will throw it away. Great-looking packaging can also be a fantastic way to market your business. 

4. Encourage Customers to Write Reviews 

E-commerce lives and dies on customer reviews. When a prospective customer is making a purchase decision, reviews are an important factor. Think about placing some sort of insert in your packaging to encourage your customers to leave a review. Make things as easy as possible – from ordering to transport. Request a review and include the website of the site you’d like them to write the review on. 

5. Create High-Value Customized Inserts 

You have a customer’s full attention when your packaging is being open. Take full advantage of this opportunity. Place interesting inserts, such as a brochure, coupons, or even stickers inside of your packaging. It doesn’t cost much to create customized inserts, and you can use them in many creative ways. Reusable items like stickers provide a solid return on investment.


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