The 5 Best Research Paper Writing Services in USA: Only Trustworthy Websites


Throughout the academic period, research papers are the most difficult for all students. Writing a good research paper takes time, as it involves hours of research. However, once the research element is complete, you begin the hardest part of writing. Not surprisingly, talented students receive the services of writing research papers from qualified experts. Getting help with a research paper isn’t bad, but if you get it wrong, it can disrupt your entire course.  Writing term papers and research papers is never a simple task. Even for writing a simple report, the subject must be an important start to the subject, and more importantly, there must be enough research to gather so much information about one’s chosen subject which should add something new to the knowledge of the existing being discipline.

Search requires a lot of time, power, and experience. Contacting a research paper writing service for help is an easier method of getting ideal research resources. Anyone can be a victorious student beyond professors ‘expectations with custom-made research resources from an upright professional writing service. The method is true only if you find the best writing company.  The basic principles for selecting legitimate research dissertation writing services include original materials, certified researchers, and standardized writing. All of these moralities are experimental in the services listed below.

TOP 5 research paper writing services in the U.S.:

1. PaperHelp

Paperhelp is one of the websites affiliated with Search Innovations Inc. They offer reasonable prices and acceptable quality in the United States. This service is considered one of the most popular writing services in the world. Although their support agents are very slow, the quality of their writing is above average. Experienced authors create original content for each client. Students can use the money-back guarantee, even though such cases are rare. Security and confidentiality are important company principles. Prices are very affordable, so they have a great audience among students. The guarantees of Paper Help are clear and precise, especially in the case of plagiarism. You can be sure that they provide the original paperwork or refund your money. However, the exact location of this service is hidden, and we can only see the owner’s corporate address.

PaperHelp is highly rated by consumers. Almost all users are satisfied with the quality of work and how they are treated by the authors and management. Pricing is reasonable, and students enjoy discount codes, among other benefits. The website works seamlessly, making it possible for anyone who specializes in web surfing to place an order. Paperhelp writing services are also open to everyone who has a job related to writing. Be it papers, assignments, dissertations, speeches, or research papers, and you consider that PaperHelp is a huge service to meet your writing requirements.


Pricing is student-friendly and depends on educational level, deadline, and several pages. Custom writing services start at page $10 per page, while editing services cost $6 or more per page.


  • Efficient customer support/live chat
  • org plagiarism index ensures that all papers are double-checked
  • Covers a wide range of service
  • Many customers are satisfied with the quality of work

2. 99Papers

It is a writing service that provides original documents written from scratch. All documents are checked for customer acceptance before customers receive them. If you are not satisfied with your paperwork, you can request a review within 10 days of receiving it. The service has already helped more than 50,000 students, and most of them note that the company’s experts conduct high-quality research. 99Papers has extremely harsh rules when it comes to writing. All authors pass various tests for their knowledge and writing skills. When an author works on your order, you can communicate directly with them.

99Papers is a team of professional writers who are ready to help students who need academic help. They prepare the original papers for the success of the students. Is Pen Camp Legitimate? It seems. The service hires experienced and creative writers who are ready to complete even the most difficult tasks.

Students are usually surprised to find that writing services offer free reviews. This writing company does. The client must request a free review within ten days of the order being completed.


Price starts at $17.55 per page


  • High-quality papers
  • Friendly and helpful customer support
  • Chat directly with the author in the message section
  • A loyalty program to return the client

3. GradeMiners

The GradeMiners website is well developed and does a great job of showcasing its features on the homepage. There’s an easy-to-place price calculator, as well as real-time consumer reviews. The design of the website is very modern so it does its job of attracting students who need subjects. Their “About Us” page includes activity that started in 2009, which means the service has been running for some time.

They also offer permanent discounts on first orders and large orders. Overall, it looks good and performs fairly well.  At Trustpilot, they enjoy a good 4.7 Star rating, which is quite unusual. If you want to judge what users say, this is a favorite to win the best writing services out there, but there are a few metrics to consider. All in all, GradeMiners is an amazing paper writing company with experienced and hard-working writers working to deliver high-quality papers to students. Writers also attempt to deliver their assignments on time. Customer performance is also amazing.


Its price starts at $14 per page

4. 1ESSAY is one of the reliable writing services in the United States, that guarantee original content. They take care of academic papers from the high school level to your graduate studies. Another reason why students like fast papers are because they have student-friendly prices and services. You can choose between free ads like plagiarism testing, formatting, and unlimited editing.

1Essay guarantees delivery within six hours. Also, the service provides original and in-depth writing on even the most technical and complex topics. A copy editor of your paper, research paper, or paper of any length is also available to edit and polish the paper editor.

1Essay offers some liberal pricing structure for the average student. They start as low as 9 per page for high school work and go up to 49 hours per PhD. According to their FAQ, each author’s payment is derived from several variables: academic level, paper complexity, and deadline, but it cannot be less than 8. We have a flexible system for communicating with authors about their bids, allowing us to assign a satisfied author to work on your order.

Their minimum wage is over $ 8, which is the hourly wage of an employee, but if you choose a higher education level or make it more necessary, the author’s wage is -20 15-20. Will grow up, which is a reasonable payment, independent author. This makes me think that well-paid writers are more motivated to provide better work.


  • Its price starts at $9 per page
  • Minimal deadline: 6 hours
  • Free inquiry

5. EssayBox

EssayBox is one of the best writing services on the internet. They have an extensive database of authors and good prices. Surprisingly, they only have good reviews, which are questionable. The cheap prices of papers get them thousands of customers, so their assistants are very slow to respond. Overall, the quality is good but sometimes something goes wrong, and you have to fix them ASAP. EssayBox have guaranteed independent papers on theft at the last date. Otherwise, they will have to refund you. There is a line in their money-back guarantee for all matters. After all, they have the Evolution Writers app for your mobile phone! In short, this is a good place to order some small documents at good prices.

The money-back-guarantee of evolution writers is somehow justified because they are the least possible. So if you scroll down their home page, you will see their legal section. According to their money-back guarantee, if they are late, because the author does not have the f, or if the time expires, or if they are accused of theft, they can issue a full refund, and You are ready to give them an official report. Otherwise, you need to negotiate money with their managers.

Almost always you find a solid writer with a deep knowledge of your subject, but sometimes it goes wrong, and you have to scream and cry to meet someone else. Support agents will try to approve the order or leave the same author without reassigning the original. Support agents are not native English speakers. Some of them have a harsh tone. They look good when you place an order, but slow down when the answers appear on the order page. If you need an explanation from the author, you can wait for a simple answer or get hours of the day. EssayBox review your every message

There are only 2 features to add. So the first one is VIP customer service the boys receive answers from first aid agents about what they have chosen. Don’t rush into your suggestions. It just means that the turtle will be a little faster. The other is a better writer. You can pay for a better researcher or editor. This feature is very useful because you can increase the cost of the order. This way the author can have a better bid, but they will be able to get a more competent person.


  • Quality above average
  • Good reputation on the web
  • On-time, plagiarism-free guarantees
  • Low prices

Which service is best?

The five companies/websites reviewed here are all good in different ways. From our investigation, they all have incredible academic authors who will deliver high-quality research papers promptly. Also, they all have their share of negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. It’s a little difficult to choose the overall winner, but we need to do that. Following our research, we concluded that PaperHelp is the best research paper writing service at the moment. Depending on the professionalism of the authors and the general knowledge of the users, it will remain much better until others stand out.

Paper Help is a legal service that provides strong policies to make students feel safe and comfortable with them. It is possible to get a refund and request a free review to polish your paper. The company has a team of over 1000 experienced papers who write academic dissertations for students from all over the world.

To date, paper support has already helped more than 105,000 users submit their papers on time. The company claims to have provided more than 600,000 academic dissertations. Professional papers can even write a paper or presentation on highly technical subjects. When it comes to quality, paperwork guarantees the best product out there. Most Reddit users guarantee that it is unlikely that you will need additional edits.

Is Paperhelp scam?

No, it’s a great writing service for students who get stuck in their responsibilities. You can like its friendly support team and skilled writers who help me submit my papers on time. Absolutely! This writing company provides honest review and refund policies and guarantees complete confidentiality. This can be a great educational aid for you. Otherwise, authors can be easily contacted by phone, email, or online chat.

Writing services are my only solution, so I was really happy when I got to this company. These guys always deliver my papers on time. Everything is properly researched and formatted.

The prices of the services we have received at PaperHelp depend on whether you are ordering work from the beginning or that needs to be modified. The price also depends on the type of work, the deadline, the academic level of the paper, the number of pages, and the subject. We like the fact that we can calculate the price on the price page and this service offers affordable services.

New customers can enjoy a 15% discount on their first order. If the total order cost is more than $ 500 or $ 1000, respectively, clients can also get 5% or 10% of their order price.

How to get a Trustworthy Research Paper Service?

You can easily select any of the services we reviewed here as we took the time to investigate before choosing them. If you want to do your research to choose a reliable paper writing service, here are some important tips that can help:

Do not go cheap

Don’t settle for any cheap paper writing service you can find. If you find a website that offers cheap papers within hours, or they say they are the best option for your writing needs, look the other way with confidence. Stay away from sites that offer ‘best free papers’. They may use a paper they are sending to their users. Once you deliver a paper like this, the software that professors are using today will be easily recognized. Writing a good paper is a difficult task, and it takes time and effort. If that wasn’t the crate, you can do it by yourself. If you need to write a good paper that is genuine, you have to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money.

Free revisions

You require to search out about the company’s review policy. They offer free reviews. That’s as they ready the work and you paid for it. If you don’t like it, they will modify it to meet your hope. Remember that you have listed their services. In other words, they are working for you. Their work is speculation in which you have invested, and you be worthy of a good return. They provide you with the free title page, formatting, sketching, and bibliography.

Ensure they can match your style of writing

Everyone has a writing style that most professors can describe because they have long marked your work. That way, the author you’re judging for should be able to match the paper with your writing style. This adds common faults you make, particularly if English is my second language. You also need to inform your author about the book and the books you use in your class. He can use them as a reference when handling your assignments.

Find out if they sell dissertation writing services

Papers require expert writing, and you will need paper writing services. If they are up to that level, then you have a better chance of finding a quality company. This will reduce the stress that comes with your dissertation, especially on graduate students.

Get a plagiarism report

Remember that if you go for a cheap paper service, the risk of theft is very high. You have no way of detecting that you received the actual work without running through the theft detection software. To make sure the legitimacy of your work, the online writing company should offer a free plagiarism report. This should be included in the agreement of their service.

Check for Guarantees

You need to know something about the guarantees offered by the authors you are hiring. You need to make sure they security privacy and will not sell your paper to any third party.

Check their guarantees

You must have something associated with the guarantees obtainable by the writing company of your choice. Do they have a guarantee of timely delivery? Do they use the newest possessions? Do they guarantee solitude or will they not resell your paper? You require making confident that the company you are hiring can guarantee all of these aspects.

Open communication

Make sure there is constant communication between you and the author of the custom paper. If they have live chat or direct messaging, this is perfect. However, check the front up to confirm whether the communication is possible at this level.


There are many services in the USA for writing a research paper right now that choosing one can be a challenge for students. To make the procedure of judgment a dependable service easier, we have reviewed the top five options here. We also point out that PaperHelp is the best for many critical reasons. We also discussed a few tips that can help you identify and select a reliable research paper writing service. We hope this section helps you make an informed decision. You can pay an expert to write a paper for you. However, you do not need to use it as your piece of work. Such custom paper samples are designed to motivate and motivate students to complete a research paper themselves. The idea of ​​the study process is to develop students’ ability to compare and contrast different facets, to analyze the situation, and to draw conclusions. If you just buy the paper from someone, you will never get a chance to highlight your academic progress.


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