Serexin Reviews 2022 – Does It Really Work Or Just Scam?

Serexin Review

It’s review time again and today, we are going to analyze some Serexin reviews for you. Serexin is a brand that offers different products in the men’s sexual health space.

They have four products, all of which are hyped with several positive reviews on the internet. That’s despite mediocre formulas with very few ingredients supported by peer reviewed studies. That too is in very low concentrations.

To be honest, that doesn’t surprise us anymore. It’s both amazing and alarming how some brands manage to make millions selling overpriced ingredients in fancy bottles.

A classic case in point is Serexin Male Enhancement. As implied by the name this is Serexin’s male enhancement product that claims to be a one-shot solution for a plethora of sexual problems.

It can transform male sexual health, treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual stamina and sexual performance, to name a few. We are sure that you get the gist, don’t you?

Now here’s the problem. To even come close to producing those many benefits, the male enhancement supplement must have at least 3-4 grams of the active ingredients. Guess how much Serexin Male enhancement contains? 500 mg!

Best Serexin Alternatives

  • TestogenBest T Booster for Aged Men

How Does Serexin Work?

There’s actually zero clarity on how this male enhancement supplement claims to work. The official website is just a single page one with four ingredient label images and no text whatsoever. At least that’s the current version.

We wonder how customers even fall for this. That said, when we looked up Serexin reviews, we found quite a few which were rehashing the same parroted information again and again.

The so-called ‘real’ Serexin reviews claim that this supplement boosts testosterone levels in men.

Well, if only it met this single claim, everything else would fall into place. But as we said, there’s just no way how it can even increase your testosterone levels by 10% with that ingredient list.

Without a boost in testosterone, you cannot really expect Serexin Male Enhancement to improve sexual stamina or boost sexual performance either, can you?

What are the ingredients in Serexin Male Enhancement?

Let’s take an objective look at the natural ingredients in Serexin Male Enhancement and try to find scientific evidence, whether clinical testing confirms what they claim.

Proprietary Blend

The first thing that we noted is that this is a proprietary blend. This means that the manufacturers offer no clarity on the concentrations of each ingredient in that blend. Let’s say that you are buying a protein powder blend. But you want it to have a higher concentration of Whey Protein than Soy.

But in a proprietary blend, you have no way to know how much the concentration of each active ingredient is. In other words, it’s an easy ploy by manufacturers to paste fancy names on the label without revealing how much of the important ingredient you are getting.

Maca Powder

Maca Powder is a strong testosterone booster that can have a positive influence on sexual libido as well as testosterone levels.


A powerful amino acid that can improve the quality of your erections with increased blood flow. L Arginine is one of our favorite amino acids, even from a bodybuilding perspective. For men with erection problems, L arginine is a godsend all natural solution.

Panax Ginseng

One of our favorite ingredients. Has a plethora of benefits for male health. It’s an energy booster, improves sexual desire, and will also boost your stamina.

Tongkat Ali

This is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs that has been used for years in Asian medicine.


This herb is increasingly added to male enhancement supplements these days with claims that it will improve your sexual appetite. But it’s lacking evidence. We would take the claims with a pinch of salt.

Muira Puama

This native Asian plant has shown to be as effective or even more effective than Yohimbine for improving the quality of erections, for a sufficient duration of time to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Other than this, Serexin Male Enhancement also contains Oat Straw Powder, Nettle, Astragalus, Licorice root, Tribulus Terrestris, Oyster extract & Boron.

The problem as you see is not with the ingredients themselves. But the concentration.

Each dose of Serexin Male enhancement gives you just 500 mg of these ingredients. Even if you were to double the dose, you still get just 1 gram of the active ingredients, which is not adequate enough.

What Are The Benefits Of Serexin for Sexual Health?

The only benefit to Serexin male enhancement supplement is that the formula is not poor. We have seen worse blends being sold on the internet. At best, you know that this is not going to harm you. You will have no negative effects.

However, there won’t is many positive effects either. The only possible difference that this will make is to your energy levels and a minor improvement in blood flow. That’s because of the Ginseng and the L-Arginine.

But since we do not know the concentration of these ingredients in the formula, there’s no way to comment on how effective it will be.

What are the drawbacks of Serexin for Sexual Performance?

Based on our research, we have found that most customers who opt for Serexin are middle aged. This is the time when sexual performance declines naturally.

Most men would want to consider any possibility to improve sexual health with a natural solution rather than a synthetic one. So they look up on the internet and find a glossy serexin review that hypes it to the moon. As expected, they get swayed.

But after a while, they realize that this is not working as advertised. That’s when they try to claim a refund and based on some customer reviews, even that does not happen. Here are the primary drawbacks of Serexin male enhancement that no Serexin review talks about.

  1. There’s just 500 mg of the ingredients in a dose. There’s no way that will have any positive influence on sexual function. You need to understand that natural ingredients work differently than synthetics. You need strong concentrations that amount to at least 3-4 grams. Besides, some of the ingredients lack clinical testing.
  2. Serexin Male enhancement claims that it can treat erectile dysfunction as well as support sexual stamina. The claims are all over the place with no connection to the ingredients.
  3. The official website looks very suspicious. As we dug deeper, we found a barrage of complaints on the Better Business Bureau, about recurring billing. Serexin often lures customers with fancy advertising and a free trial offer. But the offer only lasts for 14-days, after which they are enrolled in a monthly subscription costing $99/month. Yeah, that’s the real Serexin cost. Even if you send the serexin pills back to the address they ask you to, it gets returned and you are continued to be billed. On a positive note, Serexin LLC seems to respond to every complaint on the BBB. Most of them are unresolved even now though.
  4. Real customer reviews on shopping portals tell you that this is an ineffective supplement at regulating testosterone levels. We recommend that you read the most helpful reviews because brands are often guilty of inflating their credibility by submitting fake reviews.

What Are Consumers Saying About Serexin?

Like we said, most consumers either call it a scam or claim that it does not work as advertised. Some of the reviews even complain about the recurring billing that they enroll you in, under the guise of a free trial offer.

But there’s not a single Serexin review that speaks about how this amazing male enhancement supplement helped them by boosting testosterone levels or improving sexual function.

For a supplement that’s been around for a while, is it unreasonable to expect at least 50% positive reviews? That’s not the case here. Instead, there’s many a Serexin reviews that bashes these Serexin pills.

Serexin – Consumers Questions

Here are some of the common questions that people have about Serexin.

Q How to Take Serexin?

The instructions on the product label are to take one pill twice a day, which amounts to 1000 mg of active ingredients. There was a Reddit post about someone who had used it 4 times that dose and even then it made no difference to his sexual health issues.

A Who Should Use Serexin?

It is advertised as a solution for all things men’s sexual health related. So the ideal target demographic would be men aged 35-65. Given that some of the ingredients lack sufficient testing, usage for older people or people with pre-existing conditions, may not be ideal.

That said, this is not professional medical advice. Only your healthcare provider can give that. So use this information at your own risk. If you do plan to use Serexin and experience side effects, contact local emergency services immediately.

Q Serexin and Blood Pressure: is it Safe?

As we said, there aren’t any glaring discrepancies that are evident from the ingredient list. But if you have high or low blood pressure or any other serious medical condition, then speak to a qualified healthcare provider who can offer personal health advice.

As always, watch out for side effects and contact your local emergency services in case you notice symptoms.

Serexin Review – Does This Product Really Work?

Based on all the information that we have, we feel that Serexin male enhancement does not work. Even if you increase the dosage beyond what’s recommended, there are very few chances of this having any positive effect on your sexual confidence, sexual drive, or sexual libido.

Which dietary supplements do you recommend for erectile dysfunction and sexual stamina?

We generally don’t recommend dietary supplements that portray their products as the be-all, end-all of men’s health.

Any quality male enhancement supplement will have a USP that it prides on. For instance, we have the most amazing male enhancement supplement for boosting testosterone, which has a strong impact on almost all aspects of sexual life. But it does little to improve male infertility, for which you need something specialized like Semenol.

Similarly, there are supplements which work primarily for reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. These may not be the ideal choice for muscle building. That’s how we select supplements and that’s how you should too.

Based on our research, here are the best supplements that we recommend.

#1 – TestoPrime – Trusted Testosterone Booster For Improved Sexual Health



TestoPrime is a powerful testosterone booster with all natural ingredients, that is used by professional athletes to boost testosterone.

If you recall, we mentioned at the onset of our Serexin Review that if it could really boost testosterone, then everything else would fall into place.

TestoPrime does exactly that. It works via the HPTA pathway and signals to your pituitary gland to release more testosterone. This potent androgen hormone kickstarts a series of actions in your body, which will completely transform your sexual life.

You will have more sexual libido or sexual appetite, you will have strength, mood, sexual confidence, and aggression. That of course is one aspect of increased Testosterone. There’s the other aspect of increased muscle tone and reduced body fat, which also changes the way you perform in bed.

How does more Testosterone boost sexual performance?

Scientists have for long tried to decipher the key factors associated with sexual drive. While the mind and cognitive function definitely have a role to play, androgens play an even bigger role. That explains why our sexual desire keeps reducing as we age.

It’s closely connected to our testosterone levels. If you are facing problems with sexual health, then you may also be facing other symptoms related to low T. For instance, poor muscle tone, premature ejaculation, and fat gain.

TestoPrime provides you with a fix to the primary health condition, which is low T. It’s not a band-aid solution like the Blue Pill, which will boost blood flow but will not enhance arousal.

When your endogenous T levels increase, the various sexual dysfunction symptoms are addressed automatically.

What are the benefits of using TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is primarily advertised as a testosterone booster for athletic performance. But as we explained, an increase in T has a strong secondary effect on sex hormones in men. Many of the changes that occur in your body occur on a cellular level.

Let us explain.

Alters the structure of the penile nerve endings

Low Testosterone can not only affect sex drive but also make permanent changes to the nerve endings in the penile tissue. So much so, that men with chronic low T can become immune even to PDE5 inhibitors.

That’s why it’s critical to fix low T before you try band-aid treatments like synthetic blue pills. TestoPrime restores your natural testosterone levels, thereby preventing these nerve endings from undergoing permanent degradation.

This will not only improve your sex drive and rate of arousal but also improve the quality of your erections.

Nitric Oxide Boosting for stronger erections

Some of the natural ingredients in TestoPrime are proven Nitric Oxide boosters. What happens when your body retains more nitric oxide in the muscle tissue? For one, your erections become harder and stronger.

Secondly, you are able to sustain the erection for much longer, which is generally a problem that occurs as men age.

Increased Muscle Tissue growth for strength

The icing on the cake is the increased muscle tissue growth. TestoPrime is used mainly by athletes who are looking to build muscle at an accelerated rate. It is such a strong T booster, that also increases DHT, IGF-1, and other anabolic hormones.

As a result, you gain strength, even if you are not looking to lift weights. The strength translates into better performance during intercourse. This is the perfect addition to the sex drive.

TestoPrime vs. Serexin Testosterone Booster

How does TestoPrime fare when compared with Serexin enhancement & Serexin Testosterone booster? Let’s find out.

  1. TestoPrime is a proven natural formula with much better ingredients in higher concentrations that can increase T levels and result in improved sexual performance. The total concentration of all ingredients is close to 16 grams in one single dose. In comparison, you get 500 milligrams in Serexin.
  2. TestoPrime has thousands of positive customer reviews from real athletes and older men. They don’t resort to fake reviews and shady business practices.
  3. TestoPrime comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it does not work for you at any point in time, just ask for a refund and you will get it.
  4. TestoPrime improves all aspects of your sexuality. Not just erectile dysfunction or sexual libido. It will improve every single aspect of your sex life.

Final Thoughts – TestoPrime blows Serexin out of the water

It’s 16 grams of active ingredients vs. 500 milligrams. It’s real positive reviews vs. recurrent billing complaints on the BBB. The verdict is clear. TestoPrime is a winner. It’s a real male enhancement product that will help you change your sex life, your confidence, your body composition and your mood.

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#2 – Testogen – Doubly Potent Testosterone Boosting Formula


Testogen is another fast-acting T booster with a formula that’s designed to increase both, serum testosterone and free testosterone. As a result, it is one of the most intense enhancement supplements that provide both cognitive as well as physiological benefits.

You are aroused much sooner than you normally are, your nerve endings are more sensitive to stimuli, your body now has increased blood flow to all muscle tissue, your muscle is harder than before.

Now combine all the effects that we mentioned just now and imagine the difference that it can make to your sex life.

Be rest assured that Testogen is a superior choice to any synthetic temporary therapy you choose for improving your sex life.

Can Testogen Increase Sexual Stamina?

How do you define sexual stamina? Most people come up with their own definition of this complex process. But the universally accepted definition is that you should be able to have sexual intercourse with intensity and passion.

More importantly, you should be able to maintain the intensity for as long as you have sexual intercourse. Testogen makes this possible by addressing three primary challenges.

1. It increases your cardiovascular output

When your T levels increase, your heart which is also a muscle will pump harder. Now, this is a very subtle change that may not even be noticeable for most people. But even a change this subtle has a remarkable effect on your cardiovascular output.

In other words, you can go on with physical activity for a much longer duration of time, without getting tired, or without a dip in intensity. That’s the #1 thing that defines stamina.

2. Your muscles hold blood for much longer

The penis is essentially a cavernous muscle tissue that gets engorged when blood rushes into it. This is what we call an erection. For the penis to be able to sustain that erection for long, your mind and your physiology should work in synergy.

The increased T with Testogen increases the duration of time that your muscle tissue can retain blood. Further, there is a bump in NO, which makes the muscle look pumped. In other words, your erection is harder with bulging veins.

3. Cognitive Performance is critical to treat erectile dysfunction

The third aspect is cognitive performance. One of the reasons for Premature ejaculation is anxiety. You are so anxious to perform that you focus on the output instead of the pleasure. This leads to a dip in arousal, subsequently causing the erection to fail, or you to ejaculate prematurely.

Not many people are aware that T levels have a critical role to play in cognitive performance too. With increased T, you are calmer, have more focus, and more confident. You have the strength to match the arousal and as a result, you are less likely to lose arousal or get anxious.

Testogen vs. Serexin

Testogen is poles apart from Serexin in every way. Be it the type of ingredients used in the formula, or the concentration of the ingredients, it’s clearly the better choice. Here’s a summary of some of the differences.

  • Blend of 11 natural ingredients that amount to a total of 3 grams of active ingredients in a single dose. It’s not as much as what you get with TestoPrime. But it’s 6x the dose that you get with Serexin.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Proven results backed by 25+ clinical studies. No fake reviews or shady billing practices. You are billed only for the product you buy. Never again. Not without your consent.
  • Strong increase in free testosterone, which not only increases libido but also boosts your cognitive performance.
  • Very effective for athletic use as well as for sexual benefits

Final Thoughts – Testogen is 6x as effective as Serexin

With 3 grams of strong, T boosting ingredients, Testogen is almost 6 times as effective as Serexin is. Besides, you don’t have to worry about being billed more than once, or struggling to get a refund.

Their customer service is top notch and you should have zero problems, to get prompt answers and solutions. With a money back guarantee, you cannot beat Testogen! Go for it!

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