Sildaxin Reviews – Legal Or Scam? Best Alternatives

Sildaxin Review

In recent times, there’s been a spurt in male enhancement supplements that make claim to be the be-all, end-all of erectile dysfunction and sexual health.

We can spot them a mile away now. There’s almost a predictable pattern to this. They make glossy advertorials, use fake/paid customer reviews, claim that they can treat all problems of sexual health. Then comes the cherry on top, which is a free trial offer, where you can try the male enhancement pills for a short time by only paying for shipping and handling. In 99% of the cases, the customer is sold and will sign up.

One of the recent additions to this list is Sildaxin pills. Sildaxin pills have been advertised all over the internet and social media in the last few years. You might have chance-bumped into these advertorials yourself, or read one of the Sildaxin reviews that claim that their product is the holy grail of men’s health. We don’t blame you for believing the ads. They sound convincing.

But it’s good that you decided to check out this Sildaxin review. This is going to save your money and your sanity. Stay with us, as we unravel Sildaxin for you.

P.S – We would like to make it clear that we do not offer personal health advice, nor is this professional medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider before using any dietary supplement, particularly if you have an underlying condition.

Only your healthcare provider can diagnose underlying conditions, that too is only a real interaction. Not a virtual one.

Best Sildaxin Alternatives

1. Performer8 – Best Male Enhancement Pills Choice

2.  Viasil – Natural Viagra Alternative

What is Sildaxin?

Sildaxin male enhancement pills are a male enhancement supplement that’s advertised as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction for middle aged men. In the vast majority of men, sexual performance declines naturally once they cross their mid-30s. But sometimes, due to various reasons, or poor lifestyle habits, the decline can be quite drastic.

Men start to experience a loss in sexual desires. Even if they occasionally are aroused, there’s a drop in sexual energy, which disallows them from performing to their expectations. Erectile dysfunction can occur as a secondary outcome of various physical and mental health conditions. Regardless of what we call it, any dip in male sexual function can take a toll on sex life.

Most men at this age, or at any age would like to try natural alternatives before proceeding to synthetic options like Viagra. That’s where something like Sildaxin Male enhancement comes into the picture. With all the tall claims and the fancy copy on the website, Sildaxin Male enhancement seems like the perfect choice, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

How Does Sildaxin Work?

Sildaxin male enhancement pills claim that their formula contains a doctor recommended matrix of natural ingredients that will completely transform your sexual performance.

But all that you come across are tall claims, with no real facts or clinical studies to back up their claims. Now, even if you do come across a peer reviewed study or two, on the official website, you must carefully look at the dosage concentrations at which the studies in question were conducted.

For instance, if a particular herbal extract was found to be effective for erectile dysfunction at 1500 mg, then does the Sildaxin male enhancement formula contain 1500 mg? If not, then how much is the difference?

Coming to the working of the supplement, there’s no real information about it as such. All that they say is that it increases sexual desire, boosts sexual stamina, increases testosterone levels, and remedies erectile function.

Now, let’s take a close look at that ingredient list, for it will give us a fair idea of whether those claims hold water, or not.

What Are The Ingredients In Sildaxin?

At first glance on the sildaxin ingredients list, we got a feeling of Deja-vu. We were absolutely sure that we had seen the ingredients before. We weren’t wrong. Just a while ago, we reviewed another male enhancement supplement called Testoryze, which turned out to be a scam.

Guess what? Sildaxin’s ingredients are exactly the same. Even the concentrations of the ingredients are not different. So we decided to dig a little deeper and we discovered a huge rabbit hole. Turns out that there are many such male enhancement products in the market currently that are mirror replicas of one another.

The branding colors are the same, the stock images used on the website are the same, and even the copy is almost identical. Don’t believe us? Check out our Review over here, and then come back to analyze the Sildaxin ingredients list below. Just like Testoryze, Sildaxin has four primary ingredients, while the rest is a proprietary blend amounting to 745 mg.

Four Primary Ingredients

Tongkat Ali – 200 mg

Maca (0.6% extract) – 200 mg

L-Arginine – 250 mg

Ginseng Blend – 125 mg

The proprietary blend which amounts to 745 mg

We absolutely despise proprietary blends in health supplements, much like most of the educated and discerning shoppers around the world do. Proprietary blends are a shortcut to paste fancy-sounding ingredients on a colorful label, without revealing to the world, the concentrations of those ingredients.

Let’s say that we wanted to make a low quality multivitamin supplement. We would find some of the most reputed but expensive ingredients and add them in trace quantities to the formula. Like 0.001%. Then we’d add a ton of cheap fillers and club all those names together and call it a proprietary blend.

Here are the ingredients in the proprietary blend, in case you are curious.

Saraparilla – Aphrodisiac used in folk medicine. Limited scientific evidence links it to sexual desires.

Pumpkin Seed – Does not specify whether it is roasted seeds or raw. In some cases, roasting the seeds might be effective because they contain Zinc and Magnesium.

Muira Puama – One of the promising herbs that can support sexual stamina and even help boost sexual desire. But is the concentration enough in Sildaxin male enhancement to expect any of these positive effects?

Oat Straw – Is used as an anti-anxiety agent, rather than as a natural solution to enhance arousal or raise testosterone levels.

Nettle – There is some limited evidence that says that Nettle extracts may help reduce some BPH symptoms. May or may not have any effect on sex drive.

Cayenne Pepper – We don’t understand why they have added Cayenne Pepper. This is a powerful thermogenic ingredient that can mildly improve blood circulation. But the increase in blood circulation with CP may not suffice to improve erections if that’s the purported use.

Astragalus – Will increase your energy levels slightly. But not enough to improve your sexual performance, especially when we are unaware of the concentrations.

Catuaga Bark – There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Catuaga bark portraying it as a sexual stamina booster. But please remember that the evidence is inconclusive.

Tribulus – This is probably our favorite ingredient in Sildaxin male enhancement. But this should have been in the primary ingredient list, at a minimum of 1000-2000 mg. In a prop blend that only contains 745 mg of active ingredients in total, TT is worthless.

Chelated Boron – Chelated Boron is probably a hyped version of good old Boron. More importantly, we cannot comment on its effectiveness unless we know the concentration.

Did you check the Testoryze ingredients list as well? Isn’t it incredible how identical the two are, even the sequential order in which the names are pasted on the label? That’s the takeaway from this.

What Are The Benefits Of Sildaxin?

With a proprietary blend that just has 745 mg of active ingredients and a primary ingredient list that’s too under dosed to have any positive effect on your health, we see zero benefits of Sildaxin.

You can get better ingredients in a low-cost multivitamin blend on any online retailer site. At the actual Sildaxin cost, it is grossly overpriced. This brings us to the big question. Do you even know what Sildaxin really costs?

What Are The Drawbacks Of Sildaxin?

For a moment, let’s keep aside the fact that the concentration of the hyped, natural ingredients is not sufficient enough to produce any positive effects. Let’s focus instead on the elephant in the room.

Sildaxin has numerous complaints about fraudulent billing practices, just like Testoryze and Knightwood and Bluoxyn & Serexin.

We suspect that these might be the same company or one organization that’s promoting these products under different brand names. Well, the modus operandi is pretty simple. They lure customers in with a free trial offer. But the actual details are hidden in fine print in the website’s published terms.

By the time you read the terms, the trial period is over and you are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription. You will keep receiving a monthly supply of these ineffective pills, whether you want them or not. By the way, you are billed anywhere from $99 to $115 per month for the pills.

You can try to contact them using a feedback form or trying to talk online to customer support. But we don’t think that it’s going to have much of an effect. As far as safety is concerned, we cannot comment because we are unaware of the exact doses of the ingredients. In case you notice any side effects after using Sildaxin, contact your local emergency services immediately and asked to be taken to the nearest emergency room. Also, inform your qualified healthcare provider.

What Are Consumers Saying About Sildaxin?

By consumers, we assume that you want real customer reviews and not the glowing ones that you find generally on the internet.

Take a look at the Better Business Bureau link that we’ve shared above and you will get a fair idea of the opinions expressed. Real consumers are calling Sildaxin a huge hoax.

Does sildaxin really work for sexual health?

Save your money. It doesn’t. Sildaxin is one of the many similar supplements that have sprouted recently in the health supplements space that thrives on exaggeration and fake reviews. Such conduct is appalling. Don’t be surprised or get swayed even if you come across ‘verified customer reviews on some shopping portals.

It’s probably a way to try and build credibility. Be rest assured that even if they don’t levy unauthorized charges on your credit card, Sildaxin will have zero effect on any health problems that is commonplace as men age.

Alternatives to Sildaxin Male Enhancement Pills

Rather than wasting your money and dealing with an organization that has a shady reputation on the internet, we recommend that you try other male enhancement products that have much better credentials than Sildaxin sexual supplements.

For starters, these other male enhancement products do not resort to recurring billing or submitting fake reviews. Secondly, their ingredients are backed by multiple peer reviewed studies that show how effective they are at reducing the symptoms of more than one health condition in men.

#1 – Performer8 – Highest Dose Male Enhancement Supplement

Performer 8

In all these years, every time we conduct a systematic review of a male enhancement supplement, we find something lacking. It’s either a missing ingredient or under dosing. We are rarely satisfied by a male enhancement supplement in one go.

That’s until we found Performer8. This male enhancement supplement came highly recommended by a bunch of professionals in the supplements industry. Upon a closer look, we were mighty impressed by what we saw.

Performer8 is one of the strongest blends of natural ingredients with credible evidence (horny goat weed for example) to improve multiple aspects of your sex life. Let’s take a closer look.

How can Performer8 improve your sexual health?

Performer8 is the most well-rounded male enhancement supplement that we’ve come across. It has a selected blend of ingredients, each one of which addresses one of the major problems that men face in their sex life. Here’s a look at the primary benefits in detail.

1. Vasodilation in the penis for rock hard erections

Uninterrupted blood flow is one of the key factors that determine your erection quality and allows you to get stronger erections. The better the blood flow, the higher the release of Nitric oxide in the smooth muscle layer of the penile chamber. This is one of the first things that Performer8 fixes.

It alters the rate at which the blood flows all over the body. This can also be considered as a natural adjuvant to a more serious medical condition such as high blood pressure. With more blood flow, your quality of erections will improve dramatically courtesy of the increase in Nitric Oxide levels.

2. Surge in muscle mass and strength due to Testosterone

While Performer8 is not advertised as a T booster, some of the ingredients in that formula have a strong T-boosting effect. More Testosterone has a plethora of benefits that go beyond an improvement in sexual activity.

You will also experience an increase in muscle mass quantity and quality, which in turn will boost your strength and sexual stamina. Getting stronger is one of the first ways to improve your bedroom performance.

3. Increased Arousal

Sexual Arousal is one of the most difficult positive effects to gauge, isn’t it? There are many supplements that claim to increase sex drive, but fall flat when it comes to real world results.

That’s where Performer8 shines. It has a two-pronged effect on sexual arousal. It alters the production of certain neurotransmitters in your brain, which improves the rate at which synapses communicate. Secondly, it changes the sensitivity of nerve endings in penile muscles.

The clubbed result is a massive surge in sex drive. You will feel aroused much quicker than you did, which should dramatically improve bedroom performance.

What are the advantages of Performer8 over Sildaxin?

Sildaxin seems like an overpriced supplement with no positives, and a shady reputation to boot, when you compare it with Performer8. Here’s a summary for those who want to quickly compare the two.

  1. A total of 11 grams of ingredients in every dose. There are 6 grams of Panax Ginseng, 1 gram of Horny Goat Weed, 3 grams of Muira Puama, and a lot more. In comparison, Sildaxin is just 1.3 grams in a dose. That too, with no clarity on the concentrations.
  2. Performer8 addresses all the aspects of sex in males that Sildaxin features on their home page. It will increase low testosterone, increase sexual energy and blood circulation.
  3. They claim that Performer8 will bring about an 8x increase in your quality of sex. There’s no doubt about this claim.
  4. Performer8 is a trusted supplement with a flawless reputation. It does not resort to shady billing practices to rip you off.
  5. It comes with a money back guarantee.

Performer8 Review vs. Sildaxin review

It’s crystal clear, isn’t it? Performer8 is an amazing health supplement that delivers what it claims. It will completely change the way you have sex. It will be intense, energetic, and passionate with the strength to perform and the ability to last much longer.

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#2 – Viasil – Natural Viagra Alternative


Viasil is an all-natural, health supplement that produces a strong rush of blood into the cavernous chambers of the penis. As a result, it produces a strong and hard erection, that’s sustainable for a sufficiently long duration of time.

That’s why it has earned the nickname, ‘Natural Viagra’. If your primary problem is erectile dysfunction, rather than sexual desire or energy, then we highly recommend Viasil. The ingredients and the effect that it has on erections are comparable to no other supplement in this space.

Why is Viasil the best male enhancement supplement for ED?

What makes ED so challenging and difficult to treat, is that most solutions that are available commercially, are temporary fixes. Think of it like applying a band aid on a wound. It will only keep the wound from getting exposed to external elements. But will probably do little to heal it.

Viasil works on healing the wound rather than providing a temporary fix. In this case, that wound is erectile dysfunction, which can wreak havoc with one’s confidence too.

1. Permanent alteration to blood flow

Blood flow is not something that’s localized to your penile tissue. Although a lot of supplement brands make it seem through their verbiage that they can somehow do this. That’s humbug. To this end, Viasil alters the rate of blood flow through your entire system.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, this will be one of the innate benefits you get. It will bring your blood pressure levels down and stabilize them. When it comes to sexual arousal, the high concentration of horny goat weed in Viasil, clubbed with the ellagic acid from pomegranate will work in synergy to produce strong erections.

2. Long Term solution

Many of these herbs in Viasil are ideal for long term use. Also, these are not like the blue pill where you pop a pill every time you want to have sex. These natural ingredients prime your body for optimum performance every time you want to have sex.

This means, that you don’t have to keep popping pills repeatedly. Even a single dosage protocol, which lasts for a few weeks, will have effects that last for months.

3. Combination therapy of pills and a gel

Viasil is the only supplement that uses a combination of pills and a topical gel for erectile function. The gel is to be applied to the penis, a few minutes before sexual intercourse. This markedly improves the quality of erections.

What are the advantages of Viasil over Sildaxin?

So, how does Sildaxin compare with Viasil? Viasil is a much better supplement with a proven track record, potent ingredients and one of the best money back guarantees in this industry. Here’s a summary of how it compares with Sildaxin.

  • A combination of an oral dietary supplement and a gel for topical application on the penis. The combo therapy works even in men who have the most stubborn case of ED.
  • Ingredients like Pomegranate ellagic acid, horny goat weed, panax ginseng, and citrus genesis that boost blood flow and increase hardness.
  • Herbs and amino acids work long term, rather than providing a temporary fix.
  • Comes with 100-day money back guarantee. That’s ample time to test this amazing supplement out.
  • Top-rated supplement for ED based on thousands of real customer reviews.
  • Pay only for what you buy. No recurrent billing nonsense.
  • Cheaper if you compare the real Sildaxin price.

Viasil vs. Sildaxin – Final thoughts

If you are done taking chances with substandard products, try Viasil. This potent supplement has all the qualities that one looks for, from natural alternatives to Viagra. The pills themselves are strong enough.

But the addition of the gel has just boosted the effectiveness by 10x. We highly recommend Viasil if you are struggling with ED and seek a natural solution.

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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