More Energy, Less Fatigue Thanks to Micro-breaks at Work. How and Where to Spend Them in the Office?

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The pace of life and the demands of work mean that we often forget the importance of looking after our own well-being while at work. Long hours in front of a computer, frequent meetings and the pressure of deadlines can lead to staff suffering from fatigue and reduced efficiency. There is a simple way to combat this. Micro-breaks allow you to take a breather during the day. They promote mental regeneration, as they reduce feelings of fatigue and counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Find out how and where best to spend these short breaks among the rush of responsibilities.

What exactly is a micro-break?

A micro-break at work is a short period of rest lasting a few minutes, intended for the physical and mental recovery of an employee during an eight-hour working day. On a micro-break, a person consciously decides to stop what they are working on in order to relax, detach from work and improve their focus

Micro-breaks are particularly important in the office environment, where prolonged sitting and computer work can lead to overload and health problems. Introducing regular short breaks during the day of work helps to increase efficiency, reduce feelings of fatigue, stress and improve overall well-being.

What are the benefits of regular micro-breaks at work?

Short breaks have many benefits for employees, but also for the organization as a whole:

  • They allow a moment of respite, which can increase focus and immersion into work when you return to your tasks.
  • They prevent burnout and rapid fatigue. 
  • Taking a break from current tasks for a while, you can come up with new perspectives and ideas.
  • Short breaks are an opportunity to engage in chats with your colleagues, which in turn contributes to better communication and team atmosphere.
  • Getting up from behind their desk, employees can stretch their muscles, improve their circulation and reduce the risk of illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

How to spend a micro-break in the office efficiently?

In our times of multiple responsibilities and constant rush, it is worth reflecting on the quality of the brief moments of respite we allow ourselves in the office. Although they are only a few minutes, micro-breaks can be crucial for efficiency, creativity and even well-being. How do you make the most of this short time to really recover and return to work with renewed energy?

Stretching during the break

Stretching is an excellent way to relieve tension and relax muscles. Simple exercises such as rolling the shoulders, stretching the neck or touching the toes stimulate blood flow and relieve tension and discomfort. Many organizations have such exercises for the whole team at specific times. 

Deep breathing exercises

Spending a micro-break in the office efficiently often requires us to take a breather literally. Deep breathing exercises are an excellent way to recover and reduce stress during the working day. The best place to have such a moment of relaxation may be a quiet space, such as the hushPhone office phone booth. It allows you to disconnect from the external noise and bustle of the office, creating an intimate atmosphere conducive to focusing on your breathing, calming your mind and tuning into your body. Just a few minutes spent breathing deeply is enough to regain balance and return to work with a refreshed mind.

Meditation during a micro-break

A short break at the office can also be used for meditation to let thoughts and feelings flow freely. Large hushAccess.L office pods are ideal for such moments of reflection in the hustle and bustle of an open-plan office. They provide enough space even for people who want to practice yoga combined with meditation. Reducing noise allows you to concentrate on your breathing and welcome renewed strength.

Listening to calming music or the sounds of nature

Calming music or nature sounds, such as the sound of waves or bird chirps, can help to regenerate the mind in just a few minutes. In addition, nothing prevents you from practicing deep breathing while listening to your favorite music. In this way, you can renew your focus and return to work with fresh energy. 

Chat with a colleague

Talking with a colleague is a great way to make the most of a break. Such brief moments of relaxed exchange of ideas not only help to get rid of stress and get away from daily tasks, but also build relationships and improve the team atmosphere. However, finding a suitable place in the office for such a chat is worthwhile, so as not to disturb the other employees. A meeting room, welfare areas or a hushMeet office pod designed for collaborative work would be ideal. When nobody is in, don’t hesitate, go in and sit there and comfortably chat with a colleague. By sharing your comments, you may find unexpected solutions to problems or simply learn something new. However, it is important that such a break does not turn into a lengthy and unproductive talk. Micro-breaks should mean a moment of regeneration and refreshment, not another source of distraction.

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