Improving Home Security 101

Home Security

Even with so many technological improvements, home safety is one of those topics that we can never exhaust. Somehow, burglars are very tricky in finding their way around home security features, which is why you need to amp up your home safety game. From investing in reliable alarm systems to keeping a low profile on social media while travelling, there’s more than a handful of useful tips that will help you stay safe in your home. 

Secure all the floors equally well

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say home security? Is it locking all the doors and windows or setting up an alarm? Whichever you chose it’ll be a good call. However, did you include upstairs and downstairs locks or just the front door and windows downstairs? If it’s the latter, then you need to work on your home security game more. Making sure that there are no weak points on the second and all other floors if there are more than two, is of the essence in preventing home intrusion. Homeowners often think that burglars won’t go farther than downstairs, but you’ll be surprised at what lengths there are willing to go just to potentially get their hands on your valuables.

Make it look like you’re home at all times

Leaving your mailbox full, the newspaper on your porch and not taking care of the lawn are just some of the red flags that will instantly inform burglars about your whereabouts. Prevent strangers from breaking and entering, by including neighbours into your home watch. You can ask them to pick up your mail for you, water the flowers, open the windows every so often and make it look like you’re not away from home. If you’re not close with your neighbours, you can always ask a friend for a houses it for you and pay attention to any break-in attempts.

Set up a fence

If a burglar steps inside your yard, they’re already halfway through their mission to raid your home. That’s why you should consider building a fence and prevent intruders from setting foot on your property altogether. Look out for fencing installation experts and hire the pros to help you build a fence that will look beautiful as a part of your property, while also serving as a barrier for everyone who wants to invade your privacy or break in. One noteworthy consideration for enhancing home security is the choice of fencing materials, and for an insightful comparison between redwood and cedar fences, you may find the article on Viking Fence’s blog about “Big Tex” quite informative.

Improve door and window security

Window and Door Security

How old is your front door? Does it have security locks, and is it sturdy enough to withstand kicking and breaking? If not, that should be the next thing on your list. Install a new front door with multiple security locks. The same goes for your downstairs and upstairs windows and back door if you have one. You need to make sure that all potential entry points are secure enough to prevent burglars from entering your home without alerting the neighbours.

Have a reliable security system installed

Home Security

Sometimes even security locks won’t be enough if you’re dealing with extra professional intruders. In that case, only a loud and very noticeable alarm system will fend off your home from invasion. Consider indoor and outdoor cameras with motion sensors. Look for those that can differentiate between pets and humans, so that you don’t get many false alarms. Cameras will record any attempt of a break-in as well as allow you to recognise a potential burglar.

Keep a low social media profile while travelling

Are you planning a long family vacation abroad? We know that sharing your moments on social media is the main hype these days, but you have to be aware that it can be dangerous to post in real-time. That is especially true if you’re miles away from home and you have no way of coming back within a few hours. Don’t let everyone know that you’re on an island far away, but try to withhold your excitement and post about it when you’re already back home. Not only will this prevent the strangers from breaking and entering, but it will also allow you to live in the moment and create memories that you’ll actually remember, instead of just posting them on social media.

Securing your home can be done in only a few steps. You need to remember that being friends with your neighbours will be very good for your social life and your home’s security. Make sure you have all the doors and windows secured and that you’ve invested in quality fences and state-of-the-art alarm systems to keep your home burglar-free.


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