How To Prevent High Staff Turnover

Employee leaving the company

Are you worried about staff turnover? This is always a concern for a business as high staff turnover can be costly, disruptive and make it challenging to achieve long-term success. High staff turnover is particularly prevalent in the modern era, with the rise of remote work enabling people to find new jobs regardless of their location.

So, what can you do to prevent high staff turnover? There are a handful of strategies that you can use that will help you to keep hold of your top talent and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workers. Read on to find out more.

Offer Flexible Work

First, you need to make sure that you offer flexibility. Remote work has been normalised in the last few years and is now a priority for many workers. Many companies offer a hybrid work model, which can provide the best of both worlds and benefits for both employers and employees.

Provide Positive Feedback

It might seem simple, but positive feedback can have a massive impact on employee well-being and engagement levels. Despite this, many employers shy away from positive feedback or don’t provide enough of it. You shouldn’t wait for appraisals to give feedback, and even just thanking staff for their hard work can go a long way and help to create stronger bonds that will encourage employee loyalty.

Offer Career Development

You can’t expect employees to stay at your company if you don’t offer them the chance to develop their careers. You should ask about their career goals and then find ways to help them work towards or even achieve these at your company. This can include role variation, training and development, paying for courses and seminars, and promoting from within. In addition to keeping staff engaged, this can also help to elevate their performance.

Use An Employee Engagement Platform

Employee engagement is critical for retention, and is another area that businesses struggle with. In fact, employees are three times more likely to remain loyal for the long term when they’re engaged. Fortunately, it can be easy to monitor engagement with the use of an employee engagement platform from Claromentis. This is a platform that allows you to see how staff perform, collaborate, and communicate in a centralised location in real time. This allows you to gauge employee engagement and identify areas where improvements can be made to boost engagement levels and keep your staff happy.

Offer Competitive Pay & Perks

Of course, there are financial considerations at play when it comes to staff turnover. This is why you must offer competitive pay with regular pay raises so each staff member can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. There are also various perks you can offer to sweeten the deal, such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Gym memberships
  • Paid time off
  • Mental health support
  • Stock options

High staff turnover poses a big problem for any organisation. The above are a few of the most effective strategies to prevent high staff turnover and keep your workers happy, motivated, and engaged.


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