How to Make Your Work Meetings More Fun and Exciting 


Holding staff meetings is necessary to run a successful business enterprise. They enable you to share information that workers require to complete specific tasks. Besides, meetings allow you to gather employee feedback and make decisions together. However, your meetings should be fun and engaging to bear fruits.  

You can implement several strategies to make your company meetings more fun and exciting. These include: 

1. Start With Great Icebreakers 

Starting with icebreakers is one of the most effective strategies to make your meetings fun and exciting, especially for employees working from home. It involves all remote team-building activities that make everyone feel engaged. The common ones include playing games and dancing.  

Apart from playing games, you can ask employees some personal questions. For instance, you can ask each one of them to mention their favorite hobbies, the types of foods they like, movie recommendations, etc. All these enable your workers to feel engaged. As a result, they’ll likely participate in your discussions and that goes a long way toward making your meetings more enjoyable.  

2. Celebrate Team Wins


Another great way to make your company meetings fun and exciting is to celebrate team wins. And this should come before you introduce the agenda of the day. Therefore, as soon as you’re done with icebreakers, the next thing to do should be to celebrate team achievements. 

Celebrating your team makes them feel that their efforts are valued. As such, they’ll become motivated and likely remain active throughout the meeting.  

There are many ways to appreciate the success of your team. For instance, you can appreciate them with a simple phrase like “thank you for your contribution to the milestone the company has achieved in sales.” 

You can also promise to take your team on fun tours or fund their end-of-year party. All of these motivate them to remain attentive throughout the meeting. And as a result, you’ll all have fun during the meetings.  

3. Hold Meetings Outside From Time To Time

Indeed, employees will become bored working in the same environment. It even becomes worse to hold meetings in the same place they’re used to. Therefore, you can consider having your meetings outside from time to time. 

Holding meetings outside makes your employees more excited. Besides, the calm and fresh air outside may promote the creativity of your team members. And therefore, they’ll likely have many ideas to contribute to your discussions or agenda. However, you must ensure that the weather is conducive for the meeting.  

4. Hold A Fun Debate 

One of the most effective ways to encourage team members to participate in your discussions is to hold a fun debate. Besides, it enables employees to practice their debating skills. To achieve that, you need to divide your team members into groups. From there, you can pose a question that provokes them to engage in a debate.  

For instance, you can ask: which is better: whiskey or gin? Those who love whiskey should be in one group and those who like gin in the other. Then give each group a chance to explain why their brand is the best and you’ll be surprised how fun and exciting your meetings will be.  

5. Keep Your Meetings Short

Every human being is prone to getting tired, especially when they stay in one place or do the same thing for extended hours. Therefore, if your meetings take too long, most of your employees will become exhausted. 

You might argue that longer meetings are beneficial because they enable members to discuss your points efficiently. And while that’s true to some extent, employees will lose attention at some point. For that reason, you should consider keeping your meetings short.  

You can implement various strategies to make your meetings short without compromising quality. One of them is to set meeting agendas with straightforward points. That makes it easier to make quick and informed decisions.  

Apart from that, you need to set a time for each speaker. For instance, you can restrict each member to two or three minutes when airing their views. That also helps keep your meetings shorter and more fun.  

6. Take Needed Breaks

As noted in the previous section, your workers can be affected by fatigue. And when that happens, they won’t continue listening to you. But the good news is that you can allow them to take breaks occasionally. 

For instance, if you realize most of your team members are losing concentration, give them a short break. This will enable them to re-energize their muscles, and they’ll be more attentive when they return. This goes a long way toward making your meetings more fun.  


Your meetings are essential to inform employees about your company’s progress. But to ensure all attendees consume your information, you need to make your meetings fun and exciting. You can achieve that by implementing the strategies above.  


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