Tips for When Setting Up New Business Meetings

business meeting

Imperative to success for any business is bringing in a continues stream of new business in order for growth. Research on lead generation has shown that there are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to get the greatest success out of the process. This data covers what is the best day to phone potential prospects and also the best day to meet prospects.


  • Best day to call potential prospects

Data collected by Alchemis, showed that there is not much of a difference when it comes to success based on what day to call prospects. The data showed that 17% of meetings were set on a Monday, putting it as the lowest of the five working days. Both Tuesday and Friday were then 20%, with Wednesday and Thursday as the highest at 21%. This doesn’t prove much but possibly the latter stages of the week are the best days to call potential prospects.


  • Best day to set up New Business meetings

Alchemis also looked at what is the best day for ‘wins’ when it comes to new business meetings. The data showed that Tuesday was the least effective at 7.4%, with Wednesday next in at 7.9%. Thursday then followed at 8.7% and Monday 9.1%. Friday then topped the table with a clear 9.3%. This data shows that either the start or end of the week is the most effective to winning new business at meetings.

When it comes to the business meetings themselves, to achieve the meeting agenda, there are also a number of tips to follow in order for greater success.


  • Phone call or meeting

The first point is to work out whether a phone call or a meeting would be more effective. In most cases it will be the latter but this should be taken into account based on the prospect.


  • Setting a simple agenda

When attending a meeting, it is imperative to draft out a simple agenda prior to attending. This means you have a solid foundation before the meetings, and can make sure you are covering all items that needs to be covered and why the meeting is taking place in the first place.


  • Limiting attendees to the meeting

Research has shown that limiting the number of attendees to a meeting has greater effect. By doing so, it can guarantee a smoother pitch rather than a number of people potentially derailing the efficiency of the meeting.


  • Leader in meeting

It is important to have decision makers at a meeting in order for it to be a success. Another key point is having a leader, so they can be the person to steer the meeting in the correct direction at all times. This means it has a greater chance of flowing and each member of the team benefit from this.


  • Participation

The final tip is encouraging participation throughout the meeting. If it is a larger group, then it can prove to be very valuable encouraging members of the group to participate. This process can lead to much more productive meetings.


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