How to Gauge the Potential of a Growing Business

Gauging the potential of a growing business is essential not only for investors but for business owners. Knowing what might happen to a company could open doors, or it could help owners rectify issues now before they become major ones. The following are a few key ways to identify potential in a growing business.

Find Measurable Goals

Having precise, measurable goals is one way to gauge the potential of a company. It’s easy to believe that all businesses have clear and achievable goals, but that’s not the case. Some get stuck in the now without paying attention to the future. Everything that is currently happening can consume the company’s leaders so much that they don’t make realistic future goals. A company that doesn’t know where it’s heading will likely not make plans to achieve the goals it sets. Common goals you want to see in a business that’s hungry to grow are improving customer retention, fortifying its market share, or investing in customer service.

Look at Earnings Projections

Taking a look at a company’s earnings projections can tell you a lot about its potential. It’s not the only thing you have to look at because some blossoming companies may not have great revenue projections initially, but that doesn’t mean there’s no potential. When you get an authentic look at these projections for the next year, don’t forget that what you’re looking for isn’t great numbers but growth. Look at what the company did last year and compare it to the new year. Even if the growth is small, that means the company is learning its market and finding ways to improve its reach.

Determine a Company’s Self-Investment

A company that is only interested in profits may not be looking at the big picture. Try to find out what kind of measures the enterprise has taken to improve itself. Growing companies don’t have a lot of revenue, but smart ones take that revenue and re-invest it. A business that takes growth and improvement seriously is one with potential. There are many ways to invest in one’s company, like investing in data collection, data cleaning, and data organizing. A business could also improve hiring practice using AI technology to find more effective candidates. You’re looking for a company that’s not only willing to write down goals for itself but follows through, which is a good indicator of growth potential.

Deep Understanding of a Company’s Debt

Growth potential can be damaged if an enterprise cannot manage debt, which happens more often than you could imagine. It takes a lot of capital to start a business and continue it, so dealing with debt is normal, but you should also see significant debt reduction after a while. If a company continues to be in the hole and its debt continues to worsen as time goes on, it could end up drowning in debt and never reach its potential. 

Debt can crush a business in the same way it can destroy a person. Startup companies won’t be able to pay down their debt as efficiently as established companies, so be sure to take age into account when looking at the company’s debt ratio.

Looking at Employee Growth and Satisfaction

Employees are a good indicator of a company’s potential. If a company has exciting employees, then that excitement is going to get passed on to customers. When a company continues to employ more folks, even if at a slow pace, demand is rising in the market. This is another sign telling you this company has growth potential. Find out how the business plans on nurturing employees, especially the ones who are most effective. Being able to retain valuable talent helps improve the business and even helps retain customers who like to work with specific folks. A company that’s willing to invest in their employees is worth paying attention to. You can keep employees happy in numerous ways, like offering upward mobility, offering shares in the company, or offering wellness programs. This shows that the company cares.

Now, you’ve got five methods to help gauge the potential of a company. Don’t forget there’s more information to find out, and you have to keep digging to learn about the business that’s caught your attention. If you’re thinking of investing, then this knowledge can tell you if this is a risk worth taking.


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