How to Create Content That Will Enlarge Your Instagram Engagement

Create Content That Will Enlarge Your Instagram Engagement


Many business owners will agree that the Instagram platform does not just serve as a means for uploading or liking pictures. Instead, it comes in handy as a tool to strategically put forward your brand or your company to reach more people. In essence, Instagram is an online platform to build brand recognition and engage potential clients in your products.

However, since the changes in the Instagram algorithms, many users, and in particular, brands, marketers have observed a decline in the audience’s engagement rate and organic outreach. It is because most contents created by users do not meet audience expectation, nor do Instagram users have genuine engagements to boost viewership rate. What this suggests is that to reach the viewers, your channel needs to show great results for engagement metrics. They usually include likes, comments, and shares.

Did you know that you can enlarge your Instagram engagement without care for the Instagram algorithm but still get the algorithm to favour you? All you need do is buy an average of 100 Instagram Likes from real people to encourage viewers of favourable products and services. However, this solution does not cover it all. To increase your Instagram engagement, you’d need great content that will grab viewers’ attention. But to do this, there are some necessary things to put in place. Curious to know what they are? Let’s dive in.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement

1. Know when to post

Many people do not stay long on social media sites, nor do they keep track of posts twenty-four hours a day. So, to draw potential customers’ attention and attract them with your page, you need to know at what time to post. Don’t think so? Let’s look at the facts.

Studies suggest that there are the definite time frames when it’s better to post Instagram content. It is usually between 5 am and 11 am on Thursday. However, to get the optimal views for your page, you may track when your followers are online. This will help you post your content at the time of their highest activity. Not posting contents at the right time may leave your post without the right engagement.

2. Get Realistic

To draw or attract users, it is better to be yourself and relatable instead of going for that perfectly chic and polished persona. What this suggests is that adding some behind-the-scene shots and footage, and including everyday scenes, will draw the client’s attention. An unrealistic and unrelatable content may not bring you that traffic you seek. So, be you.

3. Strong Captions Matters

If you want to create content that would enlarge your Instagram commitment, try using strong, centred and catchy captions. A great caption will showcase your brand and it will stand out from millions of others. The image is also something your target audience will associate you with. Your posts could be short and straight to the point or lengthy, with a story. Whichever method you choose, make sure that your content is catchy.

4. Curate Audience-Based Feeds

Another way to build commitment from your audience is to create user-based content. The algorithm ranks this method as a priority because the content focuses more on your user’s needs. When you take direction to your audience, the post will usually include the content requiring engagement from your followers. This in turn may rank your posts higher on viewers’ feed as long as they are involved in discussions and activity on your page. Did you know that about 80% of all users on different social media have a business page they follow? If the page does not have the adequate user-based content viewers desire, it may cause a decline in organic outreach.

5. Try live feeds

A trick that may help enlarge your page’s engagement is to stream live or go live. Its effect is that the followers will always anticipate your posts. When a follower sees your logo on their feed and knows that you always post interesting and catchy contents, they will want to view your uploads.

Additionally, research shows that most people prefer to watch Livestream video than reading post. Livestreaming engages followers as they can directly ask questions and get to meet new people. After streaming videos, you may get benefits with instant interactions. People can leave comments or likes at the time or immediately after the stream. This in turn will rank your video higher after the stream is over. Live stream is a good way to increase fan views. You should try to know how it works with your specific audience. So, go live!

6. Post Engaging Videos

If you cannot livestream, concentrate on posting engaging videos. Well, this might sound too tasking as the mention of videos will conjure images of camera, lighting, chairs and the host of technical tools. The truth is that you do not need all these pieces of equipment to create engaging videos. The only things to concern yourself about is that the video is clear enough to view and understand its contents, and you are being realistic. As stated in the third tip (get realistic), authentic posts matters, most especially in videos. So, use your smartphone, make a video and give it a swift edit. Today there are plenty of editing tools that you can use for free. The better quality of your posts, the more audience you will roll in.

7. Engage with stories

One thing many Instagram creators do not know is that stories rank high on the Instagram algorithm. Stories keep attention of your followers since they have a permanent spot on followers feed. A content that includes stories will boost engagement. So, try adding great and catchy stories.

8. Create explicitly for Instagram

Create explicitly for Instagram

Social media posts vary and that’s an important tip to remember. Many think that it’s possible to post the same content on different social media platforms, but the fact is that the viewers are different, and you may have a different audience on Instagram than on Facebook, for example. Yes, you may think about how this could be possible when the people that frequent Facebook or Twitter are the same people who use Instagram, so why will the audience be different?

Well, it’s simple. Everybody has their own purposes why they use this or that platform. For instance, Twitter is known for its wide range of posts, especially societal issues, while Instagram is mostly a business outlet. That’s why the content you create for both must differ as they serve different purposes.

If you consider enlarging your activity and involvement on Instagram, you should create the specific content, suitable only for this site. A post that may work exceptionally on other social media platforms may not meet the needs of the Instagram audience.

9. Use Strategic Long-Tails Hashtags

With long-tail hashtags, you get to detail and focus specifically on your post. For instance, you post a picture of a new big-brand shoe like Nike and intend to let the audience know about it, you could use #Nike or #Nikeshoes to draw customers attention. This way, you will be selling your brand and also increasing your commitment rate as the audience will want to see the type of shoes posted.

10. Host Fun Tournaments

Lastly on our tips on: to create contents that will enlarge your Instagram engagement, hold contests that will make the audience stay on your page. You could do this by holding a giveaway fare. Many people will not agree with this means. However, various instances where these means have been engaged has proven to drive followers to the page. A contest like this will generate more activity from users in the form of comments or likes. It can be more interesting than traditional posts. However, if you intend to hold fun tournaments, make sure to space out the contest period. It creates a fun and exciting platform and will keep the audience anticipating the nest contest.

The Bottom Line

Creating content that will enlarge Instagram metrics is a lot of work. However, the good news is that with some easy steps, you can achieve this feat. Mind the tips indicated above, like the time of posting, creating authentic, Instagram specific and audience-based content, trying strong captions, and using hashtags. If this does not work for you, you can either Livestream, make fun videos, experiment with stories or host fun tournaments. Any option you choose can potentially increase the audience engagement rate on your page.


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