How Digital Signs May Boost Employee Engagement or Performance

Digital Sign

Digital Signages that drive Corporate Engagement

Something as simple as putting a digital sign in your office canteen is enough to drive engagement. You can post announcements, keep people up to date with schedules, holidays, targets, and a variety of other in-office/business announcements. It gives them something to look at and offers the sort of information they may have forgotten about because they only skim-read their informative emails. Here are just a few other ways when using digital signage for employee communications to help boost employee engagement or performance.

Show Targets or Objectives

Perhaps the best examples of this are in call centers. The digital signs show targets such as call times, call drop rates, target sales and so forth. You can keep employees updated in the moment. It also beats having to remind them or having to badger them with the numbers because they can see them whenever they want. 

Keeping Staff Up-to-Date With Key Metrics

You can show employees current targets or objectives in order to motivate them or simply keep them informed and engaged. Or, you can take it a step further and show them key metrics that may alter their performance. For example, if the team has achieved one objective and are over-achieving, they can view the metrics and refocus their energy in another direction. For example, if their sales in one area are going too well and they are running low on stock, they can start promoting other things that still have plenty of stock left.

Share Leadership Messages

Quite how much this inspires the staff or keeps them engaged is going to vary from one company to another. However, there are some jobs where leadership messages are vitally important. For example, on larger ships, the messages a captain sends down can save a lot of time and needless effort. If the digital signs are set in places where staff frequent, even if those places are the lavatories, then there is no need to keep updating staff through more time-consuming methods (like push notifications on their phones).

Staff Training and Mentoring

There are two ways that this can go. The company may use digital signage software to share training content in a very structured way. Lesson by lesson and course by course. Or, the digital sign owner may use a live-chat or video-chat mentoring system where employees have to attend classes at a certain time to learn new skills.

Sharing Information on Best Practices

This sort of thing has become more popular since the 2021 pandemic. Staff are reminded to wash their hands, to stay off work if they are sick, and are reminded about things like vaccinations and so forth. In a factory setting, they may be reminded to maintain certain health and safety regulations, and in some scenarios, people are reminded about security concerns (be they digital, technological or physical).

Newsletters and Staff Information

In the old days, staff would receive a paper newsletter that often contained reminders of things that are happening within the company. It then moved over into email newsletters that served a similar purpose, though they often had the annoying aspect of other employees clicking “Reply All” to the messages. These days, companies use digital signs to offer up the sort of information they used to pass around using email newsletters.

Multiple-Screen Communication

We have all seen people in business using split screens with other businesspersons from remote locations. However, these days there are far more people working remote jobs and sometimes we need to see more than a blurry image of their face. Since digital signs are so cheap, it is quite easy to have communications using several screens. Several employees may appear on split screens with several digital signs, while the other signs showed the project information they were using or shows demonstrations of their work for the other people who are physically in the meeting. This allows remote workers to contribute a lot more to meetings that they cannot physically attend.


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