Go globally: How to reach an international audience by translating your social media


Last year, about 40% of the world’s population was active on social media. The translation of your social media and the subsequent marketing is vital for any organization that sells products or services globally. Selecting and translating one of the networks and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy in it requires a deep understanding of your target audience.

Benefits of international social media for business

With social media, you can:

  • Engage your target audience. Engagement is a great way to build trust with customers and build relationships that can grow over time.
  • Build brand loyalty. Users can get to know the brand better through news, information, and entertainment videos. 
  • Regulate company information. When a crisis hits, you can act as your newsroom by posting releases that control news and messages to customers.
  • Receive new leads. You can also raise awareness and generate traffic among regular users and then convert that traffic into sales, or you could get help from small business coaching to further grow your business.

Choosing social media marketing campaigns

Marketers have a variety of options for planning social media campaigns. An international advertising campaign should always depend on the goal, on the desired result. The best social media ad campaigns are also supported and supported on other channels. Communication with consumers can take place for a long time before a sale or transaction is made. Every marketer’s primary ad campaigns are lead search, retargeting, and conversion campaigns that every marketer needs to know and run. This should be the case for whatever purpose, whether you want to sell expensive clothes or even advertising jobs in Malta.

Choice of social networks

The next step is to choose which social media platforms work well for their target audience. The first step is to create a user profile or business profile. Since most of the leading platforms, notably Facebook and Instagram, target individuals and businesses, it is essential to determine which profile is right for you. The benefits of a business profile are clear: it gives you access to analytics – a tool that allows you to get to know your target audience better.

Use social media algorithms

Social media algorithms are how social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) filter, rank, and organize content based on criteria unique to each social media platform. There is no one-size-fits-all standard for all social media. At the same time, social networks are constantly changing the requirements, so you need to study these criteria to get the most out of your social media strategy.

Content creation for your social media marketing strategy

After you have formed a strategy, determined the type of advertising campaign, and selected a social network for promotion, you need to prepare the content. Quality content informs the user about the value of a product or service at every purchase journey. To distinguish your content from the endless amount of content on the web, it must be informative, helpful, entertaining, and accessible.

Certified translation service

When it comes to translating social media content for an international audience, it’s worth seeking a certified translation service. It would be best to choose a trusted translation service provider who is very responsible for providing certified translation. While at first glance it may seem easy to choose one certified translation agency over the many others on the Internet and obtain a certified online translation service from a professional certified translation company, you need to consider both the price and the quality of the translation.

When to post marketing content

There is a lot of research on when to post on social media. It is crucial to respond as quickly as possible to comments, questions, or comments from users about posts. Thanks to this, the trust of your users in your company, products, or services grows. Moreover, consider making use of online reputation management that increases your trust and credibility among your clients. You must be consistent in posting posts on your social media page. If users know what time you post, they will wait for your posts and pay attention to your content.


For businesses, social networks provide many opportunities to promote their product or service. Just as social media allows users to connect with friends and family, they are also a powerful means for marketers to create two-way communication with potential customers globally. Users today want to interact with brands on social media. This means that marketers have incredible opportunities to drive demand and increase the reach of a company’s products or services.


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