Career Choices in Educational Field to Keep Your Pocket Warm

It is a general perception that a degree in education does not open lucrative career opportunities. However, the reality is in absolute contrast with the prevailing stereotypes. A degree in education places you in the esteemed profession of teaching. It can also get you to any prominent position in the business industry. Besides, in many countries, high-ranked government positions in various sectors have high regard for people with a professional background in an educational field.

In this article, we explore some of the most rewarding careers in the field of education that are highly reputable and well paid.


One of the most rewarding jobs in the field of education is teaching. Suppose you are keen on kick-starting your career as a primary or secondary level teacher. In that case, you must possess a four-year bachelor’s in education with a teaching certificate or license. However, a master’s degree increases your job prospects a great deal. A candidate applying for a college job as a certified instructor should possess at least a master’s in the related field, accompanied by two to four years of proven experience in school teaching. In countries like Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, and the even United States, a college professor salary could range from $ 60,000 to a whopping $ 110,000 on average.

People passionate about interacting with young minds and sharing their knowledge and experience enjoy teaching throughout their lives. Furthermore, it provides them with lifelong job security, as the treasure that a teacher owns is unparalleled. According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of elementary school teachers’ jobs has grown 17 percent in the past decade. Similarly, a rise in population will hike the demand for high school teachers by 7 percent. Consequently, as more students attend high school, the undergrad and postgrad-level teaching vacancies will expand more than 15 percent in every department. All these factors combined make teaching one of the most valuable professions in education, today and tomorrow.


A reputable field in the educational realm is administration. Without qualified and skilled people working in administrative departments of education, quality academics would never be possible. Therefore, various administration careers are paid high and are also respected and admired widely across the educational field.

From principals’ positions to academic coordinators and superintendents, administrative functions play a vital role in any institute’s success. Similarly, administration jobs at college and university levels include chancellors, dean, associate dean, academic managers, and many others. A career in educational administration may require comprehensive teaching experience with four years of bachelor’s or even masters in some cases. However, a more senior position such as chancellor or dean at a University does not come easy. It requires years of a teaching portfolio with a minimum M. Phil or PhD. in the respective field.

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the educational field administration jobs such as principals and superintendents have grown more than 10 percent between 2010 and 2020. Furthermore, the positions in post-secondary education will expand more quickly. It is primarily because today, more and more people are looking to add weightage to their academic profile to boost their job prospects. On average, high school administrators earn approximately $87,000, while university-level administrators’ salaries could go up to $ 160,000 annually.

Additional Educational Services

Careers such as educational pathologists, audiologists, librarians, and many others are associated with academic services. One may choose to be a career counselor or become a curriculum supervisor or occupational therapist to help students determine their career path. Such areas in education services require a lot of practice and recognized certification or state accreditation to serve on crucial roles. Plus, with the rapid expansion in the diversity of careers and occupations, educational or career counselors’ role is becoming ever so important. Thus, the earning in potential areas could range from $60,000 to $90,000 on average.

Furthermore, the growth in these departments may also rise by 20 percent shortly, all credit to the increasing student enrollment and population growth.

Government-based Opportunities

People with a professional background in the field of education have a preference for governmental positions. These positions could be in the department of education, human services, health, or any other place where educators could play a vital role. Other essential careers in education for the federal government include the ministry of education, professional trainers in government departments, administrators in government-accredited exam departments, etc. Earning a top-level job in the educational field backed by the government might not be as easy as other sectors. It could require an advanced degree and experience.


If you wish to advance rapidly in your field, then learning and practice must go hand-in-hand. Similarly, it is crucial to figure out your career’s right prospects, keeping in mind your interest and resources. Otherwise, a decision inspired by general trends and wishes could land you in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, it is crucial to know how much versatility your professional education is offering that could jumpstart your career. And, when it comes to giving you the ability to explore a wide range of options and professional sectors, there’s no better option than a degree in education.


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