Can You Overdose On Cannabis?

Marijuana is a popular drug and legal in several states. For some time, there has been a debate on whether you can overdose on it or not. However, many arguments for cannabis legalization argue that the drug is harmless and can never cause an overdose. But, some stoners can defend the other side of cannabis.

As more states allow the use of medical and recreational marijuana, this debate will continue to pop up. Exploring this age-old question about cannabis can help drive a productive dialogue regarding marijuana legalization. This article enables you to understand the benefits and dangers of cannabis use, including the risk of overdose.

Can you overdose on cannabis?

No, you cannot overdose from smoking marijuana. Smoking recreational marijuana is associated with getting high, which can last up to three hours. It delivers a THC concentration that takes effect almost immediately, thus risking overdose. If you smoke or vape marijuana, it directly enters the bloodstream, and you will instantly feel the effect.

An overdose refers to taking a drug too much that it causes harm. You are likely to overdose when you take the substance more than your body is accustomed to. Therefore, the term overdose may be too extreme when describing getting high on marijuana. It certainly doesn’t occur when you buy your products from the best Weedsmart Dispensary for smoking cannabis.

However, marijuana consumed in edibles can last up to seven hours while delivering higher THC concentrations. The edible cannabis can threaten novice users when they overeat because it presents larger doses of THC. This is why most legal states require taking edibles in smaller amounts to avoid accidental overdose.

Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect. Hence, users can get impatient for the high and take more, risking overdose. The reason for an overdose is when you take more than the required substance while your body is not used to it.

Edibles have higher chances of affecting novice users than inhaling because it delivers larger doses of THC. While they bring a delicious medium to consume cannabis for nonsmokers, they can make you high and risk overdose. Therefore, take caution when taking cannabis in foods or drinks. For example, exercise patience when taking edibles to experience their effects since the appealing taste of these treats can push you to consume more within a short time.

What are the symptoms of marijuana overdose?

While rare, marijuana overdose is possible in extreme cases. In most cases, marijuana overdose occurs when you combine it with other substances. Using or abusing polysubstance is the most common risk that increases the chance of overdose. This is where you take multiple drugs to attain a desired high, such as combining marijuana with alcohol. Most overdose cases occur when someone uses marijuana with alcohol. This is because alcohol increases the THC level in the blood.

The symptoms of marijuana overdose are usually mild, negating the need for critical care. Some signs that you have overdosed on cannabis include headaches, paranoia, confusion, and increased heart rate. People with marijuana overconsumption may also experience hallucinations, confusion, and panic attacks if they are not used to the drug. Some may have decreased judgment, perception, and coordination that could be dangerous.

While these are not symptoms of an overdose, they are signs of marijuana overconsumption that may demand medical attention. Consult a medical professional or Medical Marijuana Doctors whenever experiencing any of these impacts, such as paranoia. If someone shows the symptoms, find someone to help. The primary treatment for cannabis intoxication is to give it time. If you experience paranoia or psychosis from cannabis use, the solution is to stay in a comfortable environment.

Is too much marijuana dangerous?

Marijuana contains several active ingredients, including over 100 cannabinoids. THC is the active cannabis compound that makes you high. If you inject too much of this mind-altering chemical while not used to it, it can provoke several symptoms. In recent years, THC concentrations in marijuana have gotten higher, making it more unpredictable. However, there is no clarity on how much THC compound can cause an overdose.

The major problem with marijuana use is the dosage and how much you use at a time. Some cannabis strains, such as hybrids, are developed with higher THC levels, while edibles have an increased chance of overdose. Staying hydrated can be crucial in avoiding the risk of overdosing from cannabis. Since edibles take time to digest, hydration helps expedite its effects.

Therefore, understand that marijuana has the strength to cause an overdose depending on the strain and dosage. You can lower the amount of marijuana to prevent an overdose. Also, avoid taking marijuana with other substances that can make it unsafe. For example, smoking a high concentrated hash with alcohol will increase the THC concentration in the blood. Also,

You will not die from getting high on marijuana if you take the appropriate dosage. Beginners should start with 10mg of THC per serving, while experienced users can take a higher dosage since they can handle its effects.

The Bottom Line

Despite popular perceptions, you cannot overdose from smoking marijuana. The drug is less dangerous and not necessarily addictive. However, you may have a psychoactive reaction when you consume too much THC in cannabis edibles. Therefore, the safety of marijuana doesn’t mean you can use it carelessly. Practice moderation to get the best out of cannabis use and enjoy its benefits. While you won’t overdose on cannabis use, it may lead to the consumption of more addictive and overdose drugs.

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